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August always makes me think of Sunflowers!

I purchased a bundle of them for the kitchen table and every time I come home they make me smile. 


Road trip

My daughter texted me at work on Tuesday and jokingly said I should leave work and 

come to her house so she could get a bit of time away from the children.

I texted back to say I couldn't leave work but would be there as soon as I got out.


Abby had a new Barbie doll from the dollar store.

She held it up next to her and said, "We match! We're both wearing dresses!"


Natalie is eating her pasta while sitting in the wooden high chair that my mum painted long ago.

That would have made her so happy!



We have been in the second to worst drought conditions and the temperatures have been very high.

There has been all kinds of brush fires in surrounding towns. Some of them have been fairly large.

Finally, it rained! It was not near enough but it was something. 

The temperatures have started to go down as well...though it is still hot!

The children at the school I work at all went out onto the deck after nap and played in the rain.

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Friday fave fives


  1. we've been getting some much needed rain here too both at home and here in the mountains where we are on Vacation. I love it because NYS had a VERY dry spring and summer and HOT. Temps have cooled down and I'm happy about that. I go back to the classroom on Sept 7th (kids) and the 6th to set things up.
    LOVE Natalie's big eyes!! that's a gorgeous high chair the part i can see. Abigail is a cutie, too!!
    LOVE sunflowers. Mine didn't do wel this year though and i have no idea why. maybe just bad seeds. Have a restful weekend.

  2. There is nothing better than playing in the rain! What a fun thing for your students to do.
    Your grandchildren are adorable. You should ditch work more often :)
    Happy weekend to you!

  3. You got rain! I smiled when you said that the children at the school went out onto the deck and played in the rain, that's wonderful. We are in a drought here also, and we need the rain so bad. It rained last Fall here, so I'm hoping we get rain this Fall. Such dear photos of the grandchildren, and I like Abby's Barbie doll. Isn't the Dollar store the best? I am looking forward to going in there and browse for Fall goodies. That is so creative that your Mom painted the high chair. What a treasure that is. The kids look like they are having a fun road trip.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


  4. Abby looks so cute with her peacock hair. And all the children are so gorgeous, how very blessed you are!

  5. It's so nice to live close enough to the grandkids for an impromptu visit or babysitting. They are all getting so big! Funny how the weather varies so much in different areas of the country. We were getting rain every afternoon for weeks, and some areas were flooding. Thankfully it has evened out now. My d-i-l loves sunflowers.

  6. We've been getting a decent amount of rain here in western PA. It's still pretty hot. It's funny, at 51 I still stomp in puddles from time to time.
    Visiting from FFF

  7. How special to have that hand painted high chair! Love the "matching" comment. It rained here too and it was nice to have it cool off and everything get watered.


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