Hopie's teepee tent


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Over the weekend I was at an old fashioned fireman's muster with my grandchildren.

My grandson loves to participate and this is the first year that he has been old enough to sit atop

the hand tub! He's trying to be cool up there but as you can see he's pretty excited!


This muster was up in Wales, Maine which is a two and a half hours drive.

My son-in-law's sister lives in that area and she graciously invited people to pitch a tent in her big yard!

Abigail and I slept in my tent. Little Natalie came in to visit and do some colouring with us.

We thought she might sleep in there with us but in the end she wanted her mama 

so she slept in their family tent.


I had some trouble with my new mac book computer.

Apparently Apple has made it very difficult to reset your password if you forget it.

I had to wait for a day I could leave work early and drive to the Apple store...

which is in an inconvenient location...

At first they said I would have to make the first available appointment which wasn't for another 5 days!

However, a very nice and very tech savvy young man who worked for Apple came by and knew of a

secret way to reset the password right there for me. 

Even the other employees were amazed that he was able to do it!!

Absolutely made my day!! 🍎 ❤️ 


The apple store is in a new Market place with all kinds of other stores.

It's like an outdoor mall.

I don't get out very much so I've only been there twice before.

I stopped at the Lilly Pulitzer store and bought myself a pair of pants that I really like!


Tuesday was a rainy 65 degree day!

I got to wear my new pants!

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Friday fave fives


  1. love the cheerfulness of this post and yay for new LIlly pants!! (i can't usually afford them but i have a fun beach towel from years ago..an old print I don't think is available anymore).
    Verne looks so thrilled to be that high up! and the grandgirls are absolutely adorable.
    enjoy the weekend!!

  2. What joyful and gorgeous pics of the children. Apple securuty is outrageous! I forgot my password with them, and the Apple store told me there was no way to reset it and I might as well throw it away! Finally, I called them and just happened to know the answer to one of my security questions. By the way, I just saw on CNN that apple has had a hige security break, and customers need to change their passwords right away,maybe you should call customer service?

  3. These are the sweetest photos of a family sleepover in the tent. I bet your grandson loved the fireman's event. Unfortunately, the fire trucks are all too real for me up here, as it's fire season in the mountains. They are amazing firefighters working diligently and never giving up. I appreciate them so much. I'm glad you had special moments with your family.



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