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My sister, our cousins, and I went to the Night Wood show at The Mount in Stockbridge over the weekend. It was at Edith Wharton's home and it was spectacular. 

I got the most peaceful and calming feeling come over me as I walked down this tree lit pathway. It was as if I was the only one there. 

My sister and I and our cousins all got together for our "cousins weekend" on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We stayed at the Inn at Stockbridge and it was so beautiful. 

On Sunday afternoon we went into Stockbridge and did some shopping. We had picture taken in front of an old car that was parked in front of the Red Lion Inn. 

My cousin got a great shot of my sister, Holly, and I. 

My favourite part of the Night Wood walk was the northern lights display. The lights went from green, to blue, to white. It was really quite spectacular. 

This is one of the Christmas trees that was set up in one of the common rooms at the Inn at Stockbridge. We all admired the Christmas tree skirt so much that each of us ordered one on Amazon. They all came in the mail yesterday so we have been sending one another pictures of our own trees with the same skirt this morning. 

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  1. The Night Wood show sounds like such a fun event. We have some drive-through light shows in the area, and one walk-through in a cave. It would be lovely to have one in the woods like that. the whole trip sounds like a great time with your cousins. That's a beautiful photo of you and your sister.

  2. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  3. OH I love the Inn at Stockbridge ... and that whole area of Massachusetts. What beautiful memories you've captured here today.

    Merry Christmas to you, to yours, friend. Even and especially in this difficult year.

  4. What a gorgeous place, especially the tree lined path. And this solves the mystery of the awesome car and house, too. You and your sister look SO much alike, I bet you hear that all the time.

  5. You were only about an hour east of where I live!! We LOVE Stockbridge and go often throughout the year but most especially in summer and mid-autumn. I've never been there at Xmas time...i'm going to need to change that and check out that Night walk!!

    great photos!! Have a blessed weekend

  6. I love the idea of all your homes having the same tree skirt. And sending pictures.
    Your weekend away with 'all the girls' sounds like a great time. Love that photo of you and your sister.
    Enjoy this weekend, too!

  7. How lovely to have a family weekend away. That walk way through the trees looks beautiful. Great photo of you and your sister.

  8. Wow, that path is beautiful! It looks like a wonderful weekend and how special that you do this cousins weekend! I have only met my cousins once in my life when I was 10 so really miss that part of family life. You and your sister look a lot alike!

  9. You and your sister look very much alike. That is such a magical and pretty photo of the Christmas trees all lined up along the lit pathway. I can see how it would be peaceful for you.. The northern lights display looks wonderful. I've always wanted to see them in person. Isn't that something that all of you ordered the same tree skirt.? It must have spoke to all of you. : )



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