Oh Little Town of Bethlehem


My daughter, Hannah's house is just so pretty. It's a large, Victorian era duplex with beautiful light. Some of the windows have been replaced but there are a few old leaded windows that are old and beautiful and the light is so soft that I am always taking pictures.

This is an sweet old table that she picked up in her travels. She put some vintage Christmas ornaments in a terra cotta pot and next to that is a lemon tree plant. The whole thing sits under her kitchen windows. So pretty.

My husband and I went to her house on Christmas morning. She served us delicious French toast and mimosas.


 A friend of mine flew over Marblehead on her way home from vacation and had the wherewithal to take a photo. It made me think of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. 

This year I was able to purchase a poinsettia through my church in honor of my mother.

It was comforting to know that she was represented during the Christmas Eve Mass.

I had a chance to rearrange the living room a little bit.

I like the way the Amaryllis bulbs look in the sunny window. 

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  1. your living room looks so cozy for a winter evening. I love it!!

    Your daughter's table reminds me of one we had up at our camp years ago in the 1960s/1970s....and I also put vintage xmas bulbs in a bowl.....mine is glass........i love how they look.

    that's a gorgeous aerial view...it DOES kind of look like the depictions of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (except with lots of lights!!). HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

  2. That's a pretty view of the city at night. I'm glad you got a poinsettia in honor of you Mom this Christmas. I jut love them and their wonderful red color. It's always nice to rearrange the rooms in our house, especially in the new year. ; )

    Happy New Year.


  3. Wow those poinsettias look lovely in your church. I always seem to manage to kill poinsettias. Not sure what I do wrong but it has to be something lol. Happy New Year to you.

  4. Your living room is so lovely. It is just like I would want, so light, clean, and lovely. Uplifting! I would call it cottage country chic. I love the ariel view. it is awesome!

  5. Your living room looks so cozy. The poinsettias look nice at the church. Hope you had a nice Christmas. I am hoping to do some cabinet rearranging next week.

  6. I love that photo of Mablehead/Bethlehem.
    The poinsettias are beautiful and carry beautiful memories too. Your church is lovely.
    You should come on over and rearrange my furniture for me!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I love the lighting in all your photos. So calm and peaceful. What a nice picture of the town outside the plane window. French toast Christmas breakfast, yum!


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