If you were a carpenter


Today is my granddaughter, Abigail's, third birthday!

Happy birthday senorita sassypants!


I am thankful for my sister, Holly. Her birthday was the 15th. 


I am grateful for my husband, Joe, or Hey-Joe as the grandchildren call him. 


I am thankful for me and for my health!


At the beginning of December one of the parents in my class gave us an Amaryllis. We put it in a sunny spot and the children have watched it grow and grow. We wondered if it would bloom before the winter break. My mother loved Amaryllis and would give the bulbs away to friends and family every year. 

Our plant bloomed on the 14th....my mother's birthday!

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  1. Happiest of birthdays to your December people...mine was the 9th, my nephew the 1st, my sister the 16th and my youngest's is the 21st my winter solstice baby. I also have 3 friends with Dec birthdays...such a festive time!!

    LOVE the photo of your hubby.....can he get any more comfortable??!!!

    I hope you have wonderful last weekend of Christmas prep.

  2. The amaryliss is gorgeous! Abigail is growing in leaps and bounds; what a beauty she is!

  3. Oh, what a special story of the amaryllis blooming on your mom's birthday, and that your mom loved this plant also I just love the old photo of you and your sister. Happy Birthday to your dear granddaughter. I smiled at her tie-dye shirt, as I love that too.. This is a cute picture of you with your warm smile. Have a merry weekend.


  4. ps.....I was just wondering about the words on your title, if you were a carpenter, cause there was a song that was similar to that, back in the day and I used to love and treasure it.

    1. For some unfathomable reason I had that old song stuck in my head when I was writing this blog post. I thought if I used it as the title I might be able to just leave it here. It worked.

    2. If it's the same song that you are thinking of, it's ""If I Were A Carpenter" sung by Bobby Darin. I wanted to thank you for your blog title, as I needed to hear this song right now. : )

  5. How neat that the amaryllis bloomed on your mom's birthday! Happy birthday to your granddaughter and sister.

  6. Oh Miss Sassypants looks like she is pretty sassy. Happy Birthday to her! And to your sister, Holly!
    I love that the amaryllis bloomed on your mom's birthday!
    Health and hubby are two good things to be thankful for.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


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