among the Maples


My favourite time of year!

I say, let the leaves stay where they fall. I love the sound of children shuffling through them as they walk home from school. I love the sound of them rustling down the road with the breeze. 
I love the way they smell as they slowly decay.

And, of course, the colours!! 

Just before the first snowfall is the perfect time for raking...
although there is always that one retired neighbor whose garden is always perfectly manicured...not a leaf anywhere to be seen. 

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  1. This is my favorite time of year as well - gorgeous colors, a bit of snap to the air, often still pleasant through the day, kicking through the rustly leaves - outstanding! God is the most magnificent artist!
    Thank you for sharing at

  2. What a lovely picture. I love them as well, but am allergic to fall leaves! So I cannot rustle, walk in, or anything else with them. They sent me to the E.R. once.

  3. My yard is now full. I don't rake, but will run over with the mower to mulch so they can go back to nature. I do like the shuffle too. Your comment brings back school day memories of kids shuffling. The puppy use to like hiding in them when they were raked up, but then he got older and doesn't anymore, but still likes running through.

  4. I have a whole yard full of leaves to be raked before the first snowfall. I love this picture of the leaves. You can see all the different Fall colors. It's so pretty.



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