Family Friday


I woke with a sore throat on Thursday morning but didn’t think much about it.

Friday I felt much worse and decided to stay home from work and get a COVID test just in case.

It was negative as I suspected it would be but it’s better to be safe than to expose anyone else. 

Thankful it was negative and all I have is a bad cold. 

Saturday I picked Verne and Abby up and took them to a Fall Festival at the my school.

They loved the hay ride, Abby got her face painted, and Verne took turns flying a toy airplane with a co-worker’s son who was about his age. 

They had a blast!

When we got back to my house we used chalk on the stone wall and the old fence in the back garden.

Verne helped me to dig up some plants that had gone by

And Abby put on her gloves to do some gardening as well.

Sunday morning we made some music with Hey-Joe (that’s what they call my husband)

Sunday afternoon we went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house a few towns over.

I think Natalie is looking at Sadie, the dog. 

My daughter, son-in-law and their younger daughter, Natalie, met us there and my older daughter, Hannah, was there as well.
As you can see there is a lot of love shared between Verne and his youngest sister!
And Aunty Hannah loves them all as well.

My brother and sister-in-law hosted a great afternoon with hot dogs, hamburgers, and home made apple crisp!

On Tuesday night into Wednesday we had a huge nor-Easter. Which is what we call a big storm coming in from the north east which almost always wreaks all kinds of havoc. 
We had trees down all over town and the electric company (we have a small town electric co. Which only services our town) shut down power town wide at about 2:30 in the morning because…well, I have no idea why but they must have had a very good reason. We didn’t even have traffic lights or street lights!
I had to drive to the next town over dodging trees, leaves, and giant branches in order to get a cup of coffee!
Thankfully, at about 2:00 in the afternoon our power was back up and running. 
Oh and the school I work at was cancelled so I got a paid day off!

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  1. what adorablephotos of your beautiful grandchildren! And I am so glad you don't have covid, that was a scare I bet.

  2. That is good news that you didn't have the virus. So many wonderful moments shared with your family. Love the kids' tie-dyed shirts. We also had a big storm for about four days.
    And I was so thankful, as we needed the rain in California. That is the cutest picture of Natalie. And the one of Abby gardening is wonderful. It really got to me, as I love gardening as well.


  3. That storm sounds scary. Glad you were safe. Sounds like some great times with the grandkids! Such cute photos. I was sick last week too. The dayhome kidlets were so kind as to share their fall colds with me. Some had it worse than others but all ended up missing lots of days and because of our province's requirements all were tested so they could come back to care and I ended up having to close on Friday to be tested. We were all negative, Praise God!


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