Welcome Autumn


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Welcome Autumn

Natalie Faith loves her mama’s kisses

I love the old glass in one of the old buildings just around the corner from my house.
It is old glass which was hand blown. 

The nights have been cooler of late…which means the mornings have been foggy.

Last year my mum put some gourds in the porch planter along with some chrysanthemums. We noticed that the squirrels nibbled at them throughout the season. This spring I noticed that quite a few rogue vines were interspersed throughout the gardens. 
Now…we have a bowlful of pretty gourds at the kitchen table!

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  1. Love gourds n a bowl and adding in some leaves makes it so autumnal!

    The baby has gorgeous Eyes!!! Yeah for the middle name. 😀💕

    We have had some foggy mornings here too and i love how the sunshine breaks through as I'm driving over the Hudson River to work.

    Happy first weekend of Autumn!!

  2. Natalie is lovely! We're starting to have cool nights and mornings here, too--feels so nice. The gourds look so fallish. I didn't know squirrels ate them.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place--old glass windows, lots of greenery, the beach and harbor.
    Sweet photo of your grandgirl and her mama.
    Have a good and hopefully sunny weekend.


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