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The fun

My sister is visiting my brother and sister-in-law a few towns over so my husband and I went over for dinner. While we were there we all carved pumpkins! I know it’s much, much too early. 

Certainly they will rot by Halloween but we had fun together and that is all that matters.

The random

Here and there bits of Autumn have been making themselves known. 

A Sycamore leaf caught up in the lichen covered wooden fence looks so pretty filled with the sunlight of a delightful Autumn afternoon. 

The good

While we were carving pumpkins it started to rain a little bit and when it stopped a giant double rainbow appeared just over the house! 

It was the first time that my sister, brother and I had been together since my mum’s funeral in July so this beautiful rainbow seemed pretty special. 

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All Seasons

The good, the fun, the random

The hearth and soul


  1. Loved every word and picture, and I always run into the problem of expired pumpkins. Mine are glorious and ready in the garden, but will be zapped by frost and caving in by end of October.

  2. captured the beauty of the season, the leaf on the fence is special.

  3. The Sycamore leaf in the fence is so beautiful. And the pumpkin carving went so well! I think my favorite is the animal paw.

  4. I love the double rainbow but I love even more that you carved pumpkins together. I do think there's a joy in those things. Thanks for linking with #Allseasons


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