On Monday…


This was the scene at the boatyard as I walked around the corner to have breakfast at the Driftwood. 

The crane is used for getting boats in and out of the Atlantic.
but on 11 September there was an American flag hanging from it. 
Waving high over our little harbour.
Boston is just about an hour away from us and we all remember where were on that day.

I found a Luna moth caterpillar the other day.
It was quite the strangest looking creature. 
I had to post on facebook to figure out what it was.
They are harmless even though they look a bit disconcerting. 

I didn’t plant sunflowers this year. 
Last year my mum and I planted a few of them in the front garden beds along the street.
We watched them grow tall and turn toward the sun.
We heard the neighborhood children admiring them as they walked by with their parents.
“Look at how tall they are, mummy.”

In all the sadness and worry of my mum’s passing this summer
I never got to planting the sunflower seeds. 
This is a picture of one from last year. 
Next year there will be sunflowers again.
Next year it will be easier to turn my face toward the sun.

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  1. So sorry for you loss of your Mum. Growing Sunflowers will be a wonderful way to honor and remember her! I managed to grow one this year --the local deer ate the rest. It was beautiful!

  2. This moth caterpillar looks like a creature from another planet. The moths themselves are sure gorgeous, though. And the caterpillar is the same color. I hope you will plant sunflowers next spring.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your mum. And taking a break from sunflowers seems a fitting observance of your loss.

  4. So pretty! There is something so nice about sunflowers.


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