On Monday he ate through…


This is a luna moth caterpillar for those that don’t know.

I found it on the playground under the big old Beech tree. 

They are harmless though they don’t look it.

The moths live only for about one day and they don’t eat at all.

They just recreate and then die.

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  1. Love the title. One of my children's and now grandchildren's favourite books. Many years ago we looked after a lunar moth caterpillar and had to feed it mulberry leaves which were difficult to find. Must have done something right as it did emerge into a beautiful moth.

  2. I think they're rather beautiful, as are luna moths.
    Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-sistine-chapel-exhibit.html

  3. What a wonderful macro. and you snapped it in the sunlight as well! So I guess 99% of their life is spent as a caterpillar. Interesting. I think the Atlas Moth has no mouth either.

  4. What fantastic shots! Such detail!

  5. I love luna moths but I have only seen a single cat here...


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