Baskets of blessings

 Over the weekend I went up to Maine with my grandchildren.

We went to an old fashioned fireman’s muster. My son-in-law pumps for the town he lives in.

We had a great time!

I am a lead teacher this year! I will be co-leading with another teacher who I really like and admire.

I really think we are going to make a great team and I’m excited for the new school year to start next week

September has brought cooler temperatures with it!

It was so nice to be able to open the windows again.

This is the view off of my guest bedroom window. 

For some reason our cat, Tucker has been extra friendly.

He has been following me around and curling up on the sofa with me when I watch TV.

It’s nice as he usually naps on the top of the sofa while I’m sitting there  but doesn’t normally want to snuggle. 


It’s prep week at work so the school is closed to students.

I’ve been getting out a bit early and on the way home one day I stopped at a favourite shop in Salem. 

I bought a beautiful handmade metal and leather keychain for my new car and a scented candle called, beach pines, and it smells incredible good. 

I am burning it now. It’s just before sunrise and the wind is kicking up a storm outside. The rain is falling fairly heavy as well. I love days like this. I’m thankful that I live in on the water where I can see stormy weather. I am also thankful that we were not hit hard by the storm. 

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  1. I always love your special photos. Such a wonderful picture of you with your
    grandchild. Your guest room is so cozy and welcoming. I love to light candles
    too. And your "beach pines" candle sounds delightful.

    Happy Septmber.


  2. I am glad to hear the storm did not harm you! Congrats on being a lead teacher, what a great way to start the work season! I see Tucker likes the chair just as much as I do! Wonder if he is feeling kind of insecure for some reason?

  3. I enjoyed the storm as well, using it as an excuse to work inside and light a candle.

  4. Great post. I'd be so honored if you shared it on the Share the Wealth Party at My Big Fat Menopausal life.

    1. I'm so excited you joined our party!! Can't wait to see more from you!

    2. I'm so glad you joined the Share the Wealth party at My Big Fat Menopausal Life. Can't wait to see what else you'll bring! Thanks.

  5. Congrats on becoming a head teacher!! You will LOVE it...I sure do....we also begin next week although several of the public schools here in NY started this past Wed for some reason.

    I love that photo of your stinking cute!

    And your candle sounds like one i would love. and we LOVE Salem. I've only been there twice when our oldest was at Gordon College but we loved every minute of exploring.


  6. Hurray on being the head teacher this year!
    Love those photos of the grandchildren. They are growing so fast.
    I think we sent that storm to you from the west. One day this week we had 5 inches of rain. That's what cooled us down. I miss living by the ocean--there's nothing like it.

  7. Congratulations on being lead teacher! it's good you have a co-teacher you like and admire. The fireman's muster sounds like a fun event. No cool weather here yet, but I am looking forward to it when it comes. I love the idea of living near the water.

  8. I have been teaching for a month now. My school goes back in session the first week of August. I hope you have a great and SAFE school year. Thanks for linking up.


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