Mustard day!


The good

We drove a few hours up the Maine coast to an old fashioned fireman’s muster.

The temperature was cooler than it has been and it was a great day!

The fun

This is the old hand tub out of Marblehead, MA. 

They were what was used back in the olden days before there were automobiles.

Firemen would pump the water out by hand.

The goal these days is to pump hard enough that your water spurts out of the hose the furthest.

They are have officials who do the measuring. 

The random

One of me and Natalie…and of course Abigail and Verne.

I don’t post very many pictures of myself so it’s sort of random. Abby c

Abby calls them mustard days instead of muster days which we all think is so cute!

The good, the fun, the random

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  1. Haven't been to a mustard day since I was a kid and my little sister was the one mispronouncing it! 😄

  2. What a beautiful vehicle and a fun day out!

  3. The Hand Tub really looks like a work of art. I love seeing you and Natalie, what a joyful photo!! I would have loved to go to this event.

  4. Marvelous photos - it looks like you had a wonderful time. The old machinery is fascinating!
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. I want to go to a mustard day!

  6. The Hand Tub does indeed look like a piece of art!

    Love the beautiful photos of you and the cute kiddos!

  7. Lovely to visit such oldtimer ... and of course much fun for the kids. I love the sweat children, too .


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