Eating outside


The fun

The fun

 Spending time with my grandchildren! 

So. Much. Fun!

The good

I bought myself a new car.

I’m loving it!

The random

When my mother passed away at the end of June we discovered a gift certificate to one of her favourite restaurants. My sister, brother and I used it to go out to dinner together with my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law. My husband had to work. We ate out on the deck and had a beautiful view of the sunset over the harbour.It was a bittersweet occasion but it was nice for us all to be together. 

~ ~ ~


  1. I'm gld things have gone so well lately. Your grandchildren must be a blast to hang out with! Your new car looks like ours, only only ours is alighter color. S.U.V.'s are great for driving the kids aorund.

  2. I have the same car - I love it!
    The grands are getting so big!!

  3. is that a Honda HRV?? i'm thinking that might be my next car although i won't buy a brand new one.....i typically get one that's been leased for year and the person broke the lease. That's how i got my amazing Honda Civic!!


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