A weekend to remember


Verne and Abby had a sleepover at my house!

It’s the first time since April and we had so much fun!

We walked to the beach around the corner!

We went school shopping for Verne. He will be in pre-school 3 mornings starting in September.

He asked for a belt to hold his pants up.  He told me he’s never had a belt before.

He was pretty darn excited about it.

Abby got a new hoodie.

We built a fort….well Verne and my husband (they call him Hey-Joe) built the fort but Verne was the host with the most when he invited me and Abby in to color, eat apples, and read a book.

I was actually trying to sneak a little nap in..

We walked out to Fort Sewall 

And on Sunday morning…even though Henri turned out to be not a hurricane

We used umbrellas to walk to the Muffin Man and get some pancakes for breakfast. 

We did a lot of fun things so some of us got a nap in when they could…

Abby while Verne was watching a TV show about model trains. He was captivated…She. Was. Not.

Verne fell asleep for a short time on the ride home. 

Which he almost never does anymore…we played hard!

~ ~ ~

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  1. such joyful pics of your adorable grands!

    YAY For the Muffin Man!!

  2. What a great time you gave them!! And wonderful photos, too! You took them home tired and happy. You sure have aot of energy. I think my favorites are in the fort, and the grass hill.


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