Hopie’s house


My grandchildren stayed over at my house last weekend!

On Sunday morning we walked to Crocker park to watch the sailboat races.

It was rainy so we wore our raincoats.

On Saturday afternoon we walked around the corner to Screaming lady’s cove and threw rocks into the tide pools.

Big rocks make big splashes!

Saturday was bright and sunny so we walked around the corner to Screaming Lady’s cove

And threw rocks in the water.

The biggest rocks make the biggest splashes!

My brother and sister-in-law came over and she always brings a bag of goodies for the children.

She is a pre-school teacher and Verne and Abby love her!

Abbie is painting with watercolour and having a wonderful time!

We also went out to lunch with my mum (Reetsie)

Verne ordered a hotdog which he said he didn’t really want and then proceeded to eat the entire thing

And a bag of chips!

My favourite part was when we walked to the harbour and Verne said, “I’m happy! I always have fun when I’m with you, Hopie!”

Just about melted my grandmother heart.

~ ~ ~

I’ve been taking a class that runs from 8:00 to 5:00 on Saturdays.

It is held at my work and I will be a certified Montessori infant/toddler teacher when I finish in December.

It’s like working 6 days a week though. I will still be working during the summer but the classes will stop from June through August. 

Last week we didn’t have class due to April vacation and today class was cancelled due to a travel delay for the person who was coming to instruct the class on Autism. He is well  known in the field and will be putting his lecture on line so we will be able to see it at our convenience. Yay!

Friday fave fives


  1. Verne has grown so much! The photo of him and Abigail watching the boat races is wonderful! They are just so cute; she is standing on the rail to see better and the beautiful sailboats in the distance. I would hang it up on a wall!

  2. Congrats on working on your certification! December can't come soon enough, though.
    Your grand littles are so cute! Their smiles show how much they love spending time with you.
    Wait until Verne is thirteen--if he is like my grands, life will at all and only about 'what are we going to EAT.'

  3. The sailboat races sound so fun! Looks like lots of fun activities. What a sweet thing for Verne to say. I can imagine how that made your heart feel.


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