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The campus of the school where I work was once a tree farm. 

The windows in my classroom look out onto the big field and the train tracks. Beyond the tracks is  the 92 acre Sally Milligan nature reserve. It’s really quite beautiful when the snow is falling and one can see the white of the snow against the dark of the tree trunks...grey sky over all. When the train goes by on its way to Rockport or into Boston it looks like a picture postcard. One morning when school was not in session we were treated to the sight of two large coyotes loping across the field and slowly making their way throughout the trees and over the tracks. 

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  1. That does look beautiful! What a nice view out of your window! And to see coyote too1

  2. Beautiful photo. I think yours looks like a postcard. Love the hues of your photo. I do like seeing the woods all lit up with snow.

  3. Love this pic!! Do you work in Rockport?? I LOVE rockport (have only been there twice....both times when our oldest was studying at Gordon College in Wenham..what a CHARMING village....). I loved all the artisans' shops. I bought a beautiful pewter dragonfly necklace in Rockport once and we have had brunch twice in the Wenham tea house. Just lovely.

  4. How lucky! The window in our classroom looked out into a boring corridor!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. the snow has been pretty these last few New England days. the sunshine is pushing its way through the clouds, wanting to be noticed and appreciated.

    love it.

  6. oh we know Beverly pretty well!! Our daughter used to do her grocery shopping there she said when she wanted to cook her own meals the last year at Gordon. And I think she did some kind of volunteer project there.....the graphic design students also did some kind of art project with the public schools in Lynn. she said that was a more run down town.....lower middle class....she said the kids were tough.....but she LOVED wenhama and rockport, beverly, manchester by the sea, gloucester was my fave. it's such a gorgeous area. I miss her being there!! (i do NOT miss the cost of tuition...YIKES.....thank God she had a good academic scholarship).

  7. There is a quiet beauty to a snowfall...if not on a windy day...lovely photo


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