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Saturday morning my brother stopped by my mum’s house with his dog.

My sister had been visiting and Sadie jumped up on the couch between her and mum for a bit of a snooze.

The sky was nothing but grey storm clouds and the sea was ferocious. 

I drove my sister half-way home on Saturday afternoon. We met her fiancé who drove the rest of the way. 

It was stormy and rainy and when I got back into my neck of the woods the tide was high and crashing up over the sea wall!

One of the other teachers at work brought in some chocolate hearts and put them in a bowl in the kitchen. 
So sweet of her to share and so delicious. 

I had Monday off and made some wonderful chicken/vegetable soup.
I used kale, a can of corn, onions, carrots and celery.  I had made a roast chicken earlier and made the stock from what was left. I put summer savory, thyme, some fresh herbs and a bit turmeric.

Tucker has been asking to go and visit my mum who lives in the first floor apartment. We live in the second floor apartment. I open our door and text my mum to let her know he’s there. He scoots down the stairs and she opens the door for him. When he’s done visiting and ready to come home she lets him climb back upstairs and calls out to me. I leave my door open a bit so he can nudge his way in and then I close it again when I see he’s safe inside. 

I’m so thankful that my elderly mum is downstairs where we can all be close together. My brother lives in the next town over and is able to come by and visit as well. My sister lives about 3 hours away in another state but is often here as she has cancer and gets some treatments in Boston which is only about an hour from us. 

During the pandemic and lock-down it was very reassuring to know that mum was safe at home.

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  1. How nice to have your mom so close! I love your pictures ! All of them! The crashing waves, your sweet cat and the soup looks delicious!

  2. Tucker is so beautiful, and I bet he is a good friend and sourse of comfort to your mom.. Your shot of the sea and clouds is absolutely fabulous, it takes my breath away.

  3. Your cat is gorgeous and lovely for him, and all of you to be able to be so close but have your own space. It seems we all had storms this week.

  4. I love the photo of the seawall and the crashing waves!

  5. it's so special that you live with your mom.

    that wind was something else this week!! Gorgeous pic of the surf!!

    your soup looks delish!! Tonight is soup and sandwich night at our home. We usually do take out or have food delivered on friday evenings but we are trying to cut back on that :)

    have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  6. The arrangement with your mum is good for you all. She is still independent, but you are within calling out distance.
    I could just SMELL that soup! It looks delicious!
    Ooo! Being so close to the ocean! I miss that.

  7. Love the photos of the crashing waves. That is quite a shot! Nothing like the love of pets. Glad to see the pups and the cat. I have both here at my home. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  8. It is wonderful that Tucker can visit your mother and you can keep an eye out for her safety. I made some homemade meat loaf and beef stew this week. Noticed you made some delicious soup. This time of year it is a good time to eat healthy and hearty. Tucker is a pretty color and smart too. Stay safe.

  9. I love the story of the cat visiting back and forth. That's wonderful that your mom can be so near by and your brother and sister not too very far away. Those waves look scary. Glad you got home safely. I made a soup base of vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans, onion), ground turkey, and tomato sauce with a little Worcestershire added, then added in some little bits of leftovers in the fridge. When I had what was left for lunch a few days later, I added in some other bits that had accumulated. That was fun--it tasted a little different each time and helped clean out the refrigerator.

  10. I love the living situation you have with your Mom. Love soup. Never thought to add savoury or turmeric to mine. I'm trying that next time. That sea crashing the wall looks scary to this land locked gal.


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