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 Orange marmalade 

While visiting my daughter, Hannah, over the weekend she shared how she makes her simple orange marmalade. Is there anything more wonderful than your adult daughter sharing recipes with you?
At the beginning of the week the house smelled like tea in a citrus grove. It may have been below freeing out of doors but it smelled like sunshine inside.
By New Year’s Day there was scrumptious marmalade for slathering all over homemade oatmeal bread.

Put orange peels in a pot on the back burner and cover with water. 
I happened to have a bowl of clementines that I needed to use up so I cut them into quarters.
Bring the pot to a boil and simmer most of the afternoon.
Just leave it there simmering away, checking it often to make sure it doesn’t burn. The peels should be nice and soft. 
Add a bunch of sugar...I added 2 cups but it depends on how much citrus you use and how sweet you like it.
Keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved and then turn off the heat and leave it out overnight...maybe even most of the next morning. The pith in the orange peels is like a pectin and it will thicken the marmalade.
Bring it back up to a boil and let it simmer until it’s fairly thick. 
As it cools the pectin in the peels with work it’s magic and the whole sticky mess will thicken into marmalade. Feel free to add a cinnamon stick or some star anise if you desire. 

And perhaps a cup of tea.
It’s a simple as that. 

The next time I make it I will cut the peels into thin slices and add less sugar.
Live and learn. 

Monday: carrot soup w/orange, salad, homemade cottage cheese dill bread
Tuesday: cheddar pie w/mustard and fresh herbs, salad
Wednesday: lemon/rosemary turkey meatballs, mustard butter pasta w/broccoli
Thursday:Aussie chicken in crockpot, rice, green beans
Friday: bacon, mushroom, spinach frittata and a fresh salad
Saturday: eating out
Sunday: roast lemon herb chicken, green beans, potatoes
Oatmeal shortbread
Dried fruit and nut spice cake

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  1. Oh your menu this week is sheer inspiration, Kara ... and I'm off to find some orange peels of my own. I'm already smelling them cooking down into something sweet and welcoming.

    What a lovely way to start a Monday morn' ...

  2. Oh my! How absolutely delicious, all of this post sounds... -smile-


  3. That does look really good and I'm saving this to make one day!

  4. The marmalade looks so fresh and beautiful! And your menus are amazing!! i remember when you were Hip Chick you used to post your menus, how wonderful and yummy they all looked. And that is not a small thing, since you work as well.


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