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I had to purchase a new tree topper this year. I’ve never had an angel on top of the tree before but after hearing a song by John Prine I decided that I would look for one. 

We held hands and stared at the lights on the tree
As if Christmas was invented for you and for me
When the angel on the tree top requested a song
We sang Silent Night all day long.

It’s really a beautiful song and it made me think of Christmas in my own little town. I love to see shoppers with brightly coloured bags in their hands and trees lit up in the windows of the homes above the antique store fronts. I love to see Christmas trees in the old homes along the streets of old-town as I walk after dinner. It’s so peaceful and cozy to see the tiny lights.

So, I bought an angel for the tree this year as my glass tree topper broke last year. 
She is made of felted wool. I am not partial to plastic or the kind that are lit up...or twirl.
She has blond hair just like my daughter, Hannah. 

Here and there throughout the season I find myself admiring Christmas trees that other bloggers or Instagram folks share. Even this year I thought I might decorate the tree with all dusky green and blue colours. However, as I went through the decorations we’ve collected over the years I remembered how much I love our tree just as it is. 
At this point I have given some of the ornaments to my grown children. My daughter, Bonnie has children of her own now and my daughter, Hannah, is decorating a Christmas tree for the first time in her own home. 
I plan on gifting them the ornaments that they made or that have their names on them. 

Also their Christmas books.

When they were young school children we started the tradition of book giving. They would each choose a book for the other, write a dated message inside and wrap it up under the tree. Usually they were Christmas stories and usually we bought them from the Scholastic book fair at the school. Most of the time they were hardcover books because I wanted them to last.
Not all of them made it through the past few decades but I have a fairly big stack of them.
I love to see their handwriting and remember telling them how to spell the words...or even how to form the letters when they were quite young. 

 I hope this angel tree topper graces our tree for years to come. 

~ ~ ~

 ~ ~ ~

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  1. Growing up, one of our Christmas gifts was always a book. I still love receiving books for Christmas, it brings back such memories. The angel is perfect.

  2. The angel is lovely, and your tree is so classy looking! What a great idea about the book giving, It is like living memories to see the inscriptions of the past.

  3. What a lovely tradition with the books! Your angel is beautiful, and I hope she will grace your tree for as many years as the angel my Dad bought for me when I was two has graced ours. She is on top of our tree every year. This is her 53rd Christmas! Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Community!

  4. Lovely...

    And I like the idea of having your tree, just as it always was..... Perhaps one year, you can get a second tree, and decorate it, in "new" colors. -smile-

    Our Angel has been around quite a long time, and is still quite pretty.


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