The neighbor’s gate


Just across the street is a very small house with a very small white gate.

I should explain that we live in old-town Marblehead, MA and our street is really a one-way narrow lane. There is just enough room for one car to drive...almost like a single driveway. There are no sidewalks.

The little house across the street was once kitchen house for the General Glover house on the street just behind it. It was built in 1762. Kitchen houses were built to protect the main house from fires. Of course, this little house has had quite a bit of work done to it since then and it is now the small house next door. And it happens to have quite a charming little gate with it’s sweet green wreath and a bit of snow falling. 

We had my step-son Joey with us over the weekend and got up to visit with my grandchildren as well.

He was teaching Verne some skateboarding tricks.

Both of them have grown so much I can hardly believe it!

It was rather stormy here on Saturday and I spent the afternoon watching A Christmas Carol (1938).
It was so cozy inside as the nor’easter raged outside. And of course, I ended up a little teary eyed at the end of the movie. 

When my children were younger one of their favourite stories was called, The Araboolies of Liberty Street. This little Christmas decoration reminds of the family in that story even though it is not a Christmas story. It’s a story about a family of immigrants and what happens when they move into a neighborhood where they stand out as very different. 
I love this decoration because it reminds me of what Christmas and Jesus are really all about. 

Christmas cards!!
I love receiving them and I love sending them. 
My aunt, who worked in a nursing home, once told me that sending mail to residents was a wonderful thing because it meant that not only did they get the mail but they also got a visit from the staff member who gave it to them. 
I feel the same way about Christmas cards this year. We may not be able to be with those we love but we can cheer them up with a greeting card. 

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  1. What a nice list! It must be fun to live in a place with so much history.

  2. The little gate and wreath are adorable1 And your home is the definition of cozy chic! You were not called Hip Chic for nothing!

  3. How is it possible that Verne is big enough to learn about skateboarding?? Wasn't it just last month that he was an infant?
    That gate must bring a smile to everyone who walks past it.

  4. Wow, so much history where you live! Love the little Christmas decoration. I love that the older is teaching the younger some fun skills. So nice that you got to spend time with them.

  5. Love the little gate with the wreath! Looks like it could be a Christmas card!

  6. Love the photo. I've always loved mailing Christmas cards and seems every year the charm of them has gone away to more media type, but I still send them. However, I'm lucky to maybe get 2 or 3, but love seeing them in the mail just the same. That is one of my favorite things...mailing and getting something in the mail since I was a kid. Mail use to go twice a day, and even in grade school with pen pals, etc., I was always anxiously waiting for the mailman. Your neighborhood sounds so charming.

  7. We used to so enjoy going to eat at the General Glover restaurant so I very much enjoyed reading this little bit of history. :)


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