Giving thanks


The skies were grey and misty all day on Thanksgiving.

It was just me and Joe and my mum this year but we continued our tradition of taking a picture around the turkey. 

At dusk on Thanksgiving I went for a walk. It had been misty all day but it wasn’t raining. It was so warm that I was wishing I hadn’t worn my coat. 
 I could smell turkeys and fireplaces. 

Here and there families had set up tables for outdoor eating on their patios and I could see them talking as I walked past. By the time I turned toward home it was dark but the streets were quiet and still. 

I came home from work noticed the Christmas lights in both my mum’s and my apartments. Even the lady who lives on the third floor has gotten into the spirit.  It looked so pretty. The picture doesn’t do it justice. 

Have you noticed that people seem to be decorating early this year? I’ve seen Christmas trees in quite a few windows as well. It’s very cheery. 

We have been using flowers in our curriculum this week.

One of our Montessori “works” is a try with a pitcher of water, small glass vases, and some cut flowers.

The children have been making arrangements and setting them on the windowsills.

This is particularly sweet as their parents cannot come into the classroom but instead stand on the deck just at the window where the vases are set so they get to see some of what we do during the day while they wait for us to bring them their child. 

Pink poinsettia! I just discovered these last year and I love them! And they are real!

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  1. I love pink and cream poinsettas!! I may get a few this year....last year I neglected to. They are so festive and usually last the entire month of December!

    YEAH for nature based learning in preschool. Love it. Of course i cannot use glass anything with my students (special needs: speech/language delays often with motor issues, ASD, and social emotional/behavioral issues) so I use nature but put everything in a large plastic bin. Our current fave is using pine boughs to "paint" with. so fun!!

    Love the pumpkin photo at the top of your post.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.......we decorated our front stoop with our xmas lights, etc early because it's been so mild for November here in eastern NY. the lights get turned on at dusk on December 1st!!


  2. Yes, I do think many people are decorating early this year. We can all use more sparks of joy this year. Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect. And I love the image of Christmas lights in the windows.

  3. Beautiful photos! A very pleasant Thanksgiving!

  4. I think my favorites are your pictures in the twilight as you walked. So atmospheric and lovely!! And i love the picture of the three of you, I have never seen your husband before! What a blessing that you could all be together.

  5. Sounds (and looks) like a perfect thanksgiving to me. What a beautiful turkey!

  6. I am loving the early Christmas decorations. The pink poinsettia is lovely!

  7. Grey skies and the pumkin. A great photo!!!


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