13 November


The cheesy turkey-pumpkin picture! 
Every year just after Halloween I use one of the pumpkins to make a turkey. I purchased the wooden feathers and head at a church bazaar about a decade ago and since my grandchildren are old enough now they helped my push the feathers and the head into the pumpkin!
I think it will be a yearly event and it will be fun to see how they grow over time.

My sister is visiting for the week.
Late afternoon on Saturday we all walked down to the town Landing...
Me, my grandchildren, Abigail and Verne, my brother and sister-in-law, his oldest friend, Keith, and my sister.

There were some buskers set up in the square and Abigail got to dancing right away. Verne went over to ask my sister to dance with him. So sweet!
They were playing a song by The Grateful Dead...wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world. 

It brought me to tears to see my family there, dancing in the streets where we grew up. 

I took the train up to my daughter Bonnie’s house because I was picking up the Subaru.

The foliage was so beautiful. I just love this time of year. 

My sister has been visiting all week. 

She had to get scans done on Friday and the news was good. The cancer spots in her lungs continues to shrink. They did find a clot in her heart though which they think is from the open heart surgery she had a few months back. She is back on the blood thinner medication.

Beautiful autumn bouquets of Japanese lanterns and dried hydrangea.

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  1. The foliage this year has been stunning thanks to our very hot summer and dry autumn with crisp nights. I love it! Your pic is so pretty.

    Cute turkey tradition!

    Yay for music and dancing in the streets.
    Prayer for your sister and her health.

    Enjoy a relaxing weekend.

  2. What a fun thing to dance to the music! I love watching little ones dance.
    The pictures of autumn leaves always make me smile. And I love the Japanese lanterns and hydrangea.
    Enjoy your week ahead!

  3. Wow, your fall bouquet and yellow trees by the railroad track photos are stunning! Such wonderful news for your sister! Except for the clot of course. I know she has been struggling for so long. The pumpkin/turkey photo is so full of happiness, you have made a wonderful fall memory for them. I hope your family continues to dance away!

  4. Saying a prayer for your sister. I love the description of the family in the town square. We live in the town where I grew up, and taking my grandchildren to our town's fall festival (which was canceled this year) always brings back so many memories. I've always wanted to take a train trip.

  5. How lovely to have family together and dancing! Glad to hear your sister had good news. I hope that continues.


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