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At the Montessori school where I teach we created an on campus “field trip” for the children.

Hundreds of pumpkins were put out by the admin. Team and each class or cohort (COVID) came out individually. Each child got to pick a pumpkin and have an apple and a cup of apple cider.

It was so much fun!

There are already ideas in the works for how we can have another on campus “field trip” in the winter.

Snowmen and hot chocolate perhaps?

It isn’t always how far you go to enjoy the outside natural world.

Sometimes you just have to step out of your own back door and notice the beauty that surrounds you. 

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  1. When I saw the photo, I thought the pumpkins had fallen down from the pumpkin-tree :)

  2. Oh, I miss working with little ones. They are so inquisitive and fun to watch, and sometimes can learn a lot from them. Happy Tuesday.

  3. This was such a great idea, I bet this kids just loved it!

  4. That's a sweet idea! I bet the children had a blast!
    Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/10/at-aquarium.html

  5. i do love pumpkins, although I can't find any blue ones this year!

  6. Looks like a great idea!

  7. Wow ! Beautiful Autumn vibes.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening where you can share about plants and flowers here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/10/garden-affair-coral-jasmine.html

  8. What a fun and marvelous idea!

    I bet the kids loved it!

  9. it's always good to get outside especially in the fall

  10. Fun!
    Snowmen and hot chocolate sounds good, too!
    Have a blessed day!

  11. Great explanation of the confusing photo! That's an interesting thing for the kids to do, and quite creative. Your next one sounds fun, too.

    Many thanks for your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!

  12. What a sight, all the little pumpkins nestled in the grass. Sounds like it was a lot of fun for both children and teachers.


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