23 October


I spent most of Saturday rearranging the bedroom. Joe had to work crazy hours so as soon as he left I got to work. He didn’t get home till about midnight (he had to work overtime) and was a bit confused when he came to bed. I’m so thankful that he’s such a great sport though, he just went with it. “It looks great, honey!” He said minutes before he started snoring.

My mum treated me to dinner on Saturday evening. We walked around the corner to a little restaurant on the harbour. She moved here when I was not quite two years old....which was a very long time ago, but we never tire of this beautiful view. It’s just so pretty. I’m so thankful that I live here and that my mum is still around to share a lovely evening with. 

It may seem rather ordinary to most folks but a pumpkin placed just so brings me so much joy.

I haven’t made this butter pecan banana cake in about 10 years but I stumbled across the recipe a few weeks ago and made it again. It didn’t disappoint. 

I am so very thankful for October mornings.

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  1. Hello,,

    Your cake looks delicious. The view of the harbor and sky is lovely. Great photos. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for cream pumpkins and lovely evening views and an organized sleeping area.

    Your cake looks good although i don't eat cake really. But it does look Delish!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful reflection shot.

  4. Beautiful posts. We are trying to simplify our house and lives tremendously. Clutter kind of makes me nervous.
    You know pumpkins are happy decorations. I love Halloween. You don't have to buy gifts for anybody and nobody pities you if you can't make it home for the Holiday.

  5. Your photos are beautiful! your bedroom looks pretty country cottage style. the restaurant view is so beautiful. Your kitchen is so full of light, and so pretty.

  6. That looks like a beautiful guitar. I have a Guild acoustic in my closet. Don't play it much, but it's one of my favorites.

  7. Lovely post, and yes, this made me take a deep slow breath. Mission accomplished! Sandi

  8. Lovely view and how nice that you and your Mum can share it together. That cake looks yummy. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. The simplicity of the white pumpkin on the table is lovely. I love pecans, that cake looks delicious. What lovely views and it is a blessing that you can share it with your Mom.

    To answer your question about the graphic on my post. It does look like a Mary Engelbreit doesn't it? I found it on pinterest I believe.

  10. Oh, I love banana cake! That one looks delicious. Your kitchen looks so cozy.

  11. That cake looks wonderful. Your bedroom looks nice. Funny about your husband's confusion at first. That's a cute little pumpkin.

  12. That really is a breathtaking view over the water! And your bedroom looks so pretty! It's nice to change things a bit and freshen things up! Enjoy your day!


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