12 October

 The good

On Saturday my town celebrated indigenous peoples.

The Wampanoag Nation singers and dancers came to teach the gathered crowd some of their dances. 

The children in attendance asked some very good questions as well.

On the same day in Boston there was a larger gathering trying to get the Massachusetts government to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day. At this time, I believe, there are 14 states that have made this change.


The fun

Today is my grandson’s fourth birthday!

I could never have imagined the crazy love my heart holds for that boy!


The random

I thought these leaves, that were twirling in the Autumn breeze when I took this picture, looked like the skirts of a Flamenco dancer.

So pretty in all the glorious October sunshine.

The good, the fun, the random


  1. Happy birthday Vern! I hope more states make the change!

  2. In Colorado, where my son lives, they don't celebrate Columbus Day. They celebrate Mother Cabrini Day. Happy Birthday to your grandson. They are precious aren't they?

  3. A wonderful photo of childhood joy! The leaf shot is really gorgeous!! In both shape and light. Yes, I can see the dancer's skirt!

  4. A fine post! Virginia just started celebrating Indigenous Peoples'' Day, and none too soon! Our first English settlement was saved from starvation by the Powhatan people. They quickly learned that the English could not be trusted though.


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