Wordfull Wednesday


Be devoted to one another in love. 

Honor one another above yourselves. 

Romans 12:10

~ ~ ~

If each person did only these things...what a world we would live in. 

We live in such a “me” society. 

I hear people say things like, you cannot take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself

and I disagree. 

It is my belief that you cannot truly love, or honor, or care for yourself unless you have love,

 honor and care for another human being.

COVID has me thinking a lot about these things as we all scurry away from one another.

I think COVID has made us all acutely aware of how important our connections with each other are. 

Being separated from our loved ones hurts us in more ways than we can imagine. 

And, I believe, absents truly does make the heart grow fonder. 

What we once thought was a trait we couldn’t put up with...a deal-breaker...

Suddenly becomes something we can look beyond, an eccentricity that has a quirky charm.

My mum and I differ politically. A lot.

I am devoted to her in love because she is my mother.

But also because I honor her story. I honor the goodness of her heart. 

I honor who she is a person even when she and I differ as people. 

I honor and love the mother that God made. I love the person that God loves

because that is what I am called to do. 

I don’t need to change anybody. I don’t need to correct anyone. That’s not my job.

And because I serve, honor, love and and care for the people that grace my life,

And because I do my very best to see them through God’s eyes...

I am able to see myself through God’s eyes as well.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Especially about NOT putting ourselves first! Sure, we need to take care of ourselves, but not in a selfish way. Most of our friends have the opposite politics of us. I still love them, and try NOT to talk politics! The people who won't wear masks say they don't think they will get Covid and they are not worried. But it isn't about them, the masks protect others!

  2. So true, if we could just do that 'one thing'to be devoted to one another in love - what a different place this world would be. Beautifully reflective and challenging at the same time!

  3. We can love others - even the most difficult ones - because of grace!! So thankful for His grace - and for those who have loved me and shown me grace!

  4. Indeed, we are in such a "me" society. Yet I can fall into this trap as well. Thank you for the encouragement to do for others and in so doing, the Lord will bless us abundantly.


  5. Found you on the tell His story link up. Would love to know what day your lnk up is on.

  6. I think you shared a little bit of my story of living with my mom. Our connections are very important and, as you said, COVID has hopefully helped us realize how precious they are.


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