Do you not know that you are God’s temple 

And that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

If anyone destroys God’s temple,

God will destroy him.

For God’s temple is holy,

And you are that temple. 

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

~ ~ ~

Did you know that the word “you” in this instance is plural. That means that I am incredibly blessed to be God’s temple. And so are you. 

And so is everyone else. 

It means that each one of us has a responsibility toward our fellow man...toward God’s temple. 

We must do our parts to make sure that our individual part of God’s temple is strong, and clean, 

and following God’s way.

But...we must also do our part to be sure that all of God’s temple is safe, and loved and cared for.

My job here is to be continually looking inward and outward at my fellow man.

I must also be open to reproach. Because I will slip. Perhaps I will call out for help or

Perhaps I will try to hide my sins in the corner hoping they will go away...or no one will notice.

Then, I hope, that someone will come to me, and take my hand, and gently lead me out of the corner 

And into the light. 

Because, we are God’s temple. 

When we care for one another we care for God. 

Do you remember the movie Guardians of the Galaxy?

I love the character of Groot.

He’s just this mysterious being and no one really knows who or what he is or what Groot means.

At one point in the movie he saves them all by sacrificing himself.

“We are Groot.”

We are all God’s temple and if we don’t serve and love eachother

We aren’t truly serving or loving God. 

~ ~ ~

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  1. This concept has been so important for me in this time of limited contact with others for worship. The temple is us, and that's a huge gift --and also a responsibility.

  2. I heard that a lot when growing up. I love your explanation of what that means. We were taught also that cleanliness, etc. was to be mindful of our bodies because they are the temple of God, as well as being respectful to the sight of others. But, never heard it explained so well as this. Happy Sunday ~hugs~.

  3. Thank you for this powerful reminder! We are God's temple, both individually and corporately. We must care for ourselves as the dwelling place of God's Spirit and recognize that in others as well.

  4. You are SO SO right! Marvelous Sunday post today!

  5. yes, context is so important, and Paul is speaking of the church, the body, the community of believers. So its each of us AND it's all of us that are God's temple. Good illustrations to remind us.

  6. Beautiful thoughts! I need to remind myself sometimes just how important it is to treat myself and others as God's temple, part of His holy kingdom here on earth. Especially important right now in 2020!


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