Friends and family Friday


My mum and I stayed at my sister’s house on Friday night.

My brother-in-law put this friendly skeleton in the bed I would be sleeping in! 

I went to pull the covers down and he was all laid out on the pillow!

I transferred him to a chair in the dining room before I went to sleep.


My favourite season is here again.

I love the Autumn. 

I picked up an apple, cinnamon, cider scented candle the other day.

We’ve had it lit all week and the house smells so cozy.


Joe brings home bags of apples from the market and wonders if I might like to make an apple crisp.

Later in the afternoon he asks if I would like him to cut up some apples.

So, of course, I make another apple crisp which we eat right up and limp along until 

Joe brings home another bag of apples. 


I went to the funeral Mass for my uncle Jack over the weekend.

It was nice to see all of my cousins and to celebrate the life of such a fine man.

He had the Desiderata on his desk his entire life. 

And, he lived it.

We the fairies blithe and antic

Of dimensions not gigantic

Though the moonshine mostly keep us

Oft in orchards frisk and peep us

Stolen sweets are always sweeter

Stolen kisses much completer

Stolen looks are nice in chapels

Stolen, stolen be your apples.

Exert from A Song of Fairies Robbing and Orchard by Leigh Hunt

~ ~ ~

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  1. I love the fairy poem! Good plan to wait to make the crisp until some help was offered. You must be a wonderful baker!

  2. Hello. I saw your comment (link to here) after I read you live near Salem (And the witch trials history) and wanted to meet you
    I too love Autumn. Apples and spice pumpkins and golden trees. That skeleton in bed was a hoot. Fun!

  3. Funny about the skeleton! Apple crisp sounds so good right about now. I'm sorry about your uncle's passing--thankful you have good memories of him.

  4. I love the Desiderata poem. Love that it was read at your uncle's funeral. I am sorry, though, that you are mourning losing him.
    We've been making tomato sauce and fortunately The Professor is adept at cutting up the tomatoes and plopping them into a saucepan.
    Enjoy a wonderful appley autumn weekend!

  5. I think I'd jump a mile if that was in my bed! ;) Apple crisp sounds delicious. You've captured some of my favorite things about autumn here. I'm visiting from the Friday Favorites link up. Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful list of faves!
    Enjoy the weekend!!


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