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Squirrels have been climbing the sunflowers in the front of the house to get to the seeds. 

This one sunflower fell to the ground and Verne was so impressed with its beauty that he decided at once to bring it home to his mum. 

Abigail enjoyed her piece of cake at the family celebration last weekend. 

She just walked about the yard grabbing cake from various plates...

And who could say no to those chocolate pudding eyes. 

Abigail brought her book over for my mum to read. 

I will always be grateful for this time. 

Last summer my mum sold her home and moved into a first floor apartment. 

The second floor became available at the same time and Joe and I moved in.

My mum is 85 and my sister is fighting stage 4 colon cancer so these times are very special to us. 

On Labour day my Aunts came over for a get together. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas time. 

It was a wonderful treat for us all to be together and we had lots of laughs!

My brother and his fiancé were planning to have a very small wedding last year but they postponed it when her brother passed away quite suddenly in a car accident. This year they got married but didn’t tell family until after the fact. We had a small celebration on Saturday with just our immediate family. 

While we were all sitting outside this one little cardinal kept joining us. He would sit on the grass just behind us, then fly to the back of an unoccupied chair, and then sit on the fence listening to our conversation. 

It is said that some people think of cardinals like the spirit of a lost one visiting from heaven. 

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  1. Love your faves! Those brown eyes on your granddaughter!! 💕

    Praying your sister can be healed of her cancer. How special that you all live so close by and can have visits.

    I love cardinals...they've been ,y fave bird since I was about 10 yrs old! I don't believe our souls/spirits come back but i do believe God gives us signs when we need them for r least expect them. Whenever I'm sad about my dad being gone, it's often i see my fave bird ( a cardinal) or my fave woods animal ( deer) that God blesses me with.
    Happy weekend!!

  2. What a precious and beautiful family! Love your favorite things post! :)

    (found you through linked in)

  3. Love the story of the cardinal. This is a great list of faves. The people in our lives are the biggest blessings. I made your roast chicken recipe this week. It was divine! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  4. It's nice you can be near your mom and sister, especially at this time. Sounds like a fun visit with your aunts. Congratulations to your brother and new sister-in-law.

  5. Now I am wondering just WHO this cardinal was! Was an awful shock. I have a picture in my mind of Abigail going around grabbing cake, so fnny!!

  6. Family is so important. Glad you got to spend time with yours.

  7. I love the living arrangement you have with your mom. I wish we could do something like that with my mom. She's 88 and still lives in her home of 55 years. I worry about her all by herself there and it is on the other side of town so all the back and forth is hard and inconvenient. But she's set in her ways and wouldn't move when we tried to get her to move either closer to us (a couple homes became available with a couple blocks of us) or into a duplex situation. But the saving grace is she has the senior centre right across the street and I think that solidified her decision to stay there. Love my independent mom. LOL. So glad you were able to have all your aunts there when your sister was there. Praying for her health and healing.

  8. I love that the cardinal was there visiting at the celebration.
    It is great that you are so near your mom and that your other family is nearby for visits, too.
    I'm sorry your sister is battling that cancer--prayers that she will beat it.


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