Friends and family Friday


My brother married his beautiful fiancée over the weekend!

They went to their favourite spot in Vermont and had a very quiet ceremony with just their good friend officiating as a Justice of the Peace. 

We will have a family celebration this weekend!

I am so happy for them.

The weather is finally cool enough for roasting a chicken in the oven!

I sliced lemon and onion and laid it down in a roasting pan. I put chunks of onion, garlic, lemon, and fresh herbs into the cavity. I sprinkled some fresh thyme and sage, some sea salt and a bit of olive oil over the top and popped it into the oven for 20 minutes per pound.


This week was prep week at the school where I work. The summer program is over and the school year hasn’t begun yet so the teachers have a week to prepare for the academic year. We’ve been busy. We’ve weeded the gardens on campus, put a dent into cleaning up the basement where we have storage, cleaned and organized the kitchen and the library among other things. We’ve also cleaned our classrooms and prepared them for the coming season. Normally we would have had all faculty meetings but we only did one of those this year and it was on zoom. Our school opened at the beginning of July for our summer program and will be open for on campus learning beginning Wednesday of next week. Though EEC has decided to allow bigger class sizes than it had we will still have reduced class sizes. That won’t affect me because I am with toddlers and our class size never changed. 

My sister and her fiancé will be here this evening. She has an appointment for more scans to check on the spots in her lung after a month long round of antibiotics. She’s going to stay the week at my mum’s house so we will have a nice long visit.

Abigail and Verne will be coming for a sleep over tomorrow night!

Verne has been negotiating to stay for 4 sleepovers but I told him we may be able to do 2 night.

I’m not sure he’s quite ready for 4 nights away from his mum and dad.

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  1. I love sleepover with my grands.
    May your back-to-scbool be safe and healthy and full of hope.

  2. Congratulations to them, what a beautiful couple! This is such a happy picture of Verne & Abagail! Your chicken looks so mouthwatering. It is making me so hungry. Have fun with the sleepover! And stay safe at school!

  3. Congratulations to your brother! The chicken looks so good! Sounds like you got a lot done to prepare for school. Fun picture of your grandchildren!

  4. Congratulations to the newly weds! The chicken looks so good, I can just imagine how good it must have smelled. Prayers for your sister, for a good outcome.

  5. Those grandchildren sure are getting big!! Enjoy!!

    Yay for daycare providers like yours who didn't shut down!!

    I teach special ed preK and we aren't closing either!! Am so glad!!

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  6. Your grands are adorable! Why a 4 night sleepover, I wonder?
    Congratulations to your brother and his wife! I know you are enjoying their company right now.
    I hope your sister's appts go well.

  7. Congratulations to your brother and his lovely wife. That chicken sounds so delicious. I can't remember the last time I roasted a whole chicken myself. They are cheaper to buy from Costco or other grocery stores already roasted and ready to eat. And they are good. The grandkids are adorable.


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