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I have been back at work for almost 2 months now with toddlers in a Montessori school. 

It’s been beastly hot and humid this summer; this is not my kind of weather.

I wish I could have gotten outside more often but I just can’t handle heat.

So....I’ve taken my nature when and where it’s been offered.

One beautiful evening offered a gorgeous sunset and a rainbow over the harbour.

The sunflowers in the front garden beds have grown so tall that my mum can see them from her bedroom window.

I went to visit my daughter, Hannah, at her new place and she has a stunning old leaded glass window which looks out onto the garden in her front yard. It’s almost like having the outside, inside.

So far there have only been 2 little pumpkins and the rabbits have eaten every last crumb of both of them.

Oh well...I’m happy to share.

Our world Tuesday


Pictorial Tuesday

Nature notes


  1. What a lovely sight, your rainbow. Haven't seen one in a long time. I enjoyed seeing all your photos. Thanks for sharing at

  2. Gorgeous photos and those sunflowers are so bright and beautiful! I'm like you, I can't take the heat either. I spend the summer indoors as much as possible. Any veggies I've ever tried to grow became a feeding stop for wildlife too. Your daughter is beautiful! Have a lovely Tuesday :)

  3. It was a hot Summer for sure. I commented to my daughter that I wish we'd had a Summer, and she said Mother, we had Summer. I meant the days of some 70's and 80's but most were high 90's to almost double digits. The rains, then the hot, hot, and now we'll be back in the rains. Maybe I remember being young and the hot didn't bother, so I understand when you day it's hard to be out in the hot. Love the photo of you daughter, and the lovely sun flowers. Your mom is so pretty, I see where you family gets their prettiness. Have a great week.

  4. The heat was hard to bear for me, so I rode my bike early in the morning or late in the evening.
    Now it has become so autumnal.
    Those are nice impressions and the rabbits had appetites, the sunflowers were wonderful, bigger than you! smile
    I wish you all the best, Elke

  5. Those sunflowers are so pretty!

    Fabulous captures!

  6. beautiful rainbow....great shots

  7. My daughter is looking at a Montessori program for my granddaughter.


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