I’ll follow the sun


The good

In the spring my mum and I planted in the front garden beds. There are three of them and she had ideas for the two on the ends so I took the middle one. I planted cosmos, Cleome, snapdragons and some holllyhocks. I also tossed a couple of sunflower seeds toward the back. I wasn’t sure they would grow. 
Well, two of them took seed and have gotten so tall that they bounce about following the sun just outside of my mum’s bedroom window! 

The random

Back in the spring, I also planted one pumpkin seed. It grew into a fairly large plant with plenty of blossoms. I despaired of ever getting any pumpkins though until one morning I noticed two little yellow spheres. I was so happy I took a picture. 
The next morning there was only one of them and I was happy to have the picture to confirm that I had actually seen it at all. A few days later the second one was gone as well. 
I think we have some very well fed bunny rabbits in the neighborhood. 
I am no Mr. McGreggor and I am happy to share with them. 

The fun

My mum and I went to visit my daughter, Hannah, on Sunday. 

She recently moved into a beautiful old, duplex apartment.


  1. Your mix of flowers looks lovely! The bunnies in my neighborhood are well fed too.

    And now I will have "I'll follow the sun" stuck in my head all day. Not a bad thing! :)

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous,and looks so much like you. I love the way the sunflower peeks into the wndow! Like it is sying Hi.


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