Friends and family Friday

Last week I took an intensive Montessori training course.
I love where I work. 

I found some skin care products which I love! They’re called called Mad Hippie. 
They sell it at Whole Foods but they don’t have the make up there so I ordered mascara on line. 
I have very sensitive eyes and have a hard time with mascara. 

We had my grandchildren for the weekend! 

So. Much. Fun!

When my sister found out they were coming she and her fianc√© drove the 3 hours from Connecticut to spend the weekend as well.  It was a wonderful treat to be able to have a fun weekend with her and not have to worry about any treatments that she needed to get it. We know they are coming up in a few weeks but we’re enjoying the time off. 

My mum and I went out to dinner with a friend of the family the other night.

We spoke of those who have passed away over the years and when we left to walk back to the car the skies treated us to a beautiful rainbow/sunset.

Friday fave fives


  1. Ooh that rainbow photo is so lovely!!

    Your grandson are getting so big!!! How fun to have them visit for a weekend!

    You asked what i was dealing with : it's an abuse case that I'm helping lawyers with regarding the sexual abuse of a young woman who is friends with my oldest daughter. I can't go into detail here as papers were just served to the perps but let's just say it's been difficult and has brought on my own triggers from my own past/healing. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. So glad you got to visit with your sister and grandkids! What a beautiful rainbow.

  3. Oh those grandkids are SO cute! I love those happy smiles! I'm glad your sister and fiance were able to join the fun.
    Beautiful sunset and rainbow to remember your mom's friends.

  4. Your week with lots of family time sounds lovely. And the rainbow after your conversation with your mom, I would call that a god-wink;)

  5. How nice that your sister was able to join you when you had the grandkids. I bet you all had fun!

  6. How fun that you had all the kids and your sister over. Family time is so precious!


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