Friends and family Friday

The moon at the beginning of the week was so beautiful!!

This is the view out of my kitchen window as I was making my coffee one morning before work.

It took my breath away.

We had a wind storm and some tornado watches in the area on Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately, we just had some high winds but Tucker was quite curious about all the goings on and the 

boughs of the big pine tree being tossed about. I think he was rather happy about being an indoor cat.

You know what they say about curiosity and cats.

On Sunday afternoon I happened to glance out the back door onto the planter and noticed this cheeky little 

fella just sitting there enjoying the view. He didn’t mind at all that I stood right at the door taking his 

picture. I even brought Tucker over but neither one of them were very interested in the other. The squirrel 

eventually just sauntered off down the back stairs and Tucker returned to napping on the back of the chair.

One day last week my step-son, Jack, helped me move the living room rug into the bedroom and the bedroom rug into the living room. We also moved a bureau that was in the living room into the master bedroom and a bureau that was in the master bedroom into Jack’s bedroom.
It was a lot of work!
Tucker was so tired from running around trying to keep out of our way that when things finally settled down he hopped up onto his favourite napping spot on the back of the chair and took a nap.
I really like the way it looks though. The other rug is beautiful but much darker and the colours of this rug brighten up our small living room. 

Over the weekend I made some blueberry and peach bran muffins. 

As it turns out there wasn’t a whole lot of bran in them and they looked a little wonky.

But they sure did taste good. 

~ ~ ~ 

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  1. What fun photos!!!! Happy weekend!

  2. Our living room is about this size. Yours is really lovely. I like everything about it. It reminds me of English country cottage chic. Tucker is beautiful!

  3. We just moved a rug from one of the bedrooms, and boy is that ever a lot of work! A bit tricky, too. I had to smile at that impish little squirrel, haha! Have a good weekend:)

  4. Taste is way more important than looks! And those muffins look yummy.
    We may have the same sofa...
    May I borrow Jack when I move into my new home? I'll need him to move furniture :)

  5. Lovely photos and your cat is gorgeous.

  6. That is a lot of rearranging. I think I would have joined Tucker in a nap. Love the picture of the squirrel. We don't see them too often around here. Glad the big winds didn't turn into anything more.


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