A diary of home

Sixty or so years ago when my mum was a young woman she stumbled across this old table around the corner from her apartment in Beacon Hill, Boston. Someone was moving and sold it to her for $5.00.
I have loved it ever since I can remember and when I became a young woman with my own home and family she gave it to me. Since then we have sort of passed it back and forth between us. We’ve both had a few moves and the table has found it’s spot in one or the other house. I think it will stay with me now until I pass it along to one of my daughters. My mum will not be taking anything with her when she moves next time. 

I am not really sure how old the table is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sometime in the late 1700s or maybe early 1800s. That being said, I also wouldn’t be surprised to discover that someone had pieced it together with spare parts in the early 1950s. Whatever it’s birth date it’s truly one of my very favourite tables. 
Last week my step-son helped me change things all about in our apartment. I put the living room rug in the bedroom and the bedroom rung in the living room. It’s much lighter now and a bit more modern. Well except for the table, of course. I have a very eclectic decorating style. 

I tend to collect things in my travels and because they remind me of people or places where I’ve been I add them to my home. The gold framed mirror was another gift from my mother. I like to add a large mirror to a small living room as it reflects light and makes the small conversation area seem a little bigger. I didn’t put the mirror above the sofa because the door is opposite. I think it would be awkward to see yourself as you enter a home. 
The trunk/coffee table was a gift from a little old Baptist lady who lived next door when I was raising my children. Mrs. Parker. She gave it to me shortly before she died with about 15 Christmas cactus that she’d had for decades. The cactus are long since gone but the trunk is still with me. It’s the perfect size for our diminutive parlour. As soon as the weather cools down some I plan on painting it the same light/blue-grey colour that is in the rug.

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  1. I love your living room, it is what I would choose for myself. Light and open! The table may even be an antique, It is beautiful! I have a similar one in the living room, but it is more modern and not as interesting. Yours has such character!

  2. oh oh!!

    i am absolutely loving that table!


  3. I love that your furnishings/belongings are part of your story. Our home also includes a number of hand-me-downs. There's much coziness and comfort to be had when surrounded by precious memories!

  4. I love that table. Love the room. I use to have mirror so reminds me that true, it does brighten and I need to get a large one again. I need to visit more because I didn't know you had another link up.

  5. I so love visiting homes filled with stories. Your home is lovely and warm. Hoping you and yours are well.


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