Family Friday

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Saturday we got together to celebrate my daughter, Hannah’s, birthday.

It was so much fun to be together again after being so careful to stay away from everyone.

If you look closely you can see two bald eagles at the top of the tree!

They live in the trees at the camp my son-in-law’s family owns.

It’s right on a tidal river and rural, marshy area so there is plenty for them to eat.

We were sitting just next to the tree so it was quite impressive to see them flying

right over our heads.

One of the best things about being home during the quarantine is Tucker.

We’ve loved being able to watch him all day.  The other day he reached up onto a chair where his

favourite toy was and pulled it down with his paws. Once he got it down to the floor he rolled

around gnawing and pawing it for quite some time. So cute.

Joe’s birthday was this week as well. We hadn’t seen the boys since the beginning of the quarantine

so we drove up to get them and their dog, Cooper, and we went for a walk on a local trail.

It was beautiful and they were all so happy to be together again.

Even Cooper!

The trails were so pretty that when I got together with my friend the next day

I recommended we go there.

It was so nice to get together with her and to get to walk in the wood!

Living near the ocean I don’t get a chance to do that as often as I would like.

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  1. Yay for birthday celebrations and walks in the woods!! One of our favorite things we did online of our Boston vacations was to walk in the Walden Pond was so lovely there although way too crowded for this mountain girl.

    My oldest daughter would love your kitty!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. family is really what it's all about - hope Hannah had a great day!

  3. I think pets might be the winners in our quarantine, as they do love having us home with them. And we get to witness the secret life of pets as to what they do all day!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter and husband! Glad you got to visit with your family and the boys. How fun to see the bald eagles so close! My oldest son got a cat just before the coronavirus broke out--we were so glad, because he lives alone. She's been good company, and it's been fun to see pictures and videos of her antics. He's been working from home since he got her, so I'm wondering how she's going to handle it when he has to start going back into the office.

  5. Oh how lovely to get together with your family. Birthday wishes to your daughter and husband.

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl! Isn't it wonderful to be able to get together with family and friends? I think we will not take our times together for granted now.
    Love Love Love those woods! What a special place to walk.

  7. Those family gatherings are especially heartwarming these days. Such a nice photo of all of you with the balloons!

  8. Happy birthday to both your daughter and hubby. So great to be able to spend time with your family celebrating. Those look like lovely woods.


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