100 acre wood

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are woods that seem, somehow, magical.

Olden, dappled places where there is an interval

between the world we know and the one that we imagine.

Groves of white birches interspersed amongst olden oaks and tall pines.

Ferns and Solomon's seal delicate underfoot.

One can see that others have seen and felt the same delight

A never-never land where glad and joyful youth

cannot see that the structures they are building today

use timber from trees that their grandparents planted

Trunks that once were as young as they who build the bridges are now.

There is a silence almost reverent in these woods.

Golden beams of sunlight filter through the tree tops

creating the effect of a silken scarf

Everything bathed in chartreuse and emerald.

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  1. There is a woods where I walk sometimes by the Dam in our area. When in there, it is always fun to imagine all that is there that my eye can't see, and the history that resides there. Your shots are lovely. Happy week ~hugs~

  2. Ah, your photos make me want to grab my sweatshirt, turn off my laptop, and head outdoors. It is there I find peace and perspective and silence. Thank you for this prompting, friend.

  3. The forest does seem magical. Terrific photos.

  4. Lately, this is where I have been finding my peace! In the forest!

  5. You've captured the mystery well.
    Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/06/48-years-with-this-guy.html

  6. that looks like a wonderful woodland. Lovely holes in the fallen trunk in the first photo

  7. Nature is a wonderful place for heart and soul. Great photos!

  8. Your post reads like poetry. Such lovely thoughts and beautiful photos of your woodland discoveries.

  9. Enchanting photos! Nature is beautiful!

  10. These are some delightful finds on your walk through the woods! I enjoy wandering through the trees, too, it's so peaceful.

    I am excited to see your corner at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

  11. The woods are lovely dark and deep ....... I love walking amidst trees , they make you feel alive

  12. I love walking in the woods and Winnie-The Pooh" and his woods continue to be a favorite..


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