The allium blossom

The good is a new bed! A friend purchased a new bed and offered me her old one.
We were using a Hollywood frame that was rather squeaky so I took her up on her offer.
I love the wooden shape and colour of it. 
We will still use our own mattress but we got rid of our box spring as this type of bed doesn’t need one. 

The random is some reading that I’ve been doing. My daughter picked up in The Early World at a second hand store last fall and thought I would like it. The author began a new way of teaching back in the 1960s in New Zealand. It’s actually very interesting and incorporates some Montessori and also some Reggio Emilia approaches. 
Wilding is about a property in England that the owners allow to go back to the wild. It’s a big deal because the property goes back in the family to the Middle Ages.  I plan on starting it today. Also, if you haven’t watched The Biggest Little Farm you should. It’s really good. 

The fun is watching an Allium bloom begin to blossom. We’ve been in quarantine a very long time. It’s been ever so cold and rainy here. I’m not sure I would have considered this fun before Covid-19 but it’s pretty sweet after over 2 months of not much else. 
In writing these words I realize that one of the blessings of staying home is re-discovering the joy of watching a blossom opening. Probably (hopefully) I will not get another chance to see this beautiful occurrence again in such complete and slow-motion. One day next spring I will notice the buds and a week or two later I will see the blossom. So, this year I will enjoy the fun of being able to watch this amazing miracle happen day by day. 

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  1. Good for you for seeing the good in our current situation. we do have time to watch buds open. Hubby and I have been sitting on our deck watching the birds in the trees, something we never would have taken the time to do before. Hope your week is wonderful! You should be getting some good nights' sleep!


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