In the garden out and about

Poppies in a neighborhood garden.

They are growing all wildly-nilly along an old split rail fence.

The harbour is just across the old and narrow street.

Just a few houses up hydrangea is getting ready to blossom.

I think the bright blues and pinks are very pretty but they are just a little too ostentatious for my taste.

I’m partial to the old fashioned type myself. 

Phlox maybe? With grey/purple cat-mint interspersed. 

It’s a lovely mix.

Lilacs bend over fences and wisteria hangs over courtyards.

Gentle breezes wafting the scents of so many flowers

And the smell of the Atlantic

I walk the crooked streets toward home.

In my own garden

There are a few strawberries coming along

And the Columbine

Here and there a Cosmos blossoming from between the perennials.

How is your garden growing?

~ ~ ~

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  1. Nature has put on a show this year!

  2. You live in a beautiful place! I love the poppies. We used to have some salmon-colored ones but, sadly, they don't come up anymore.

  3. Loved the little glimpses of your town. It looks so pretty there. Your flowers are lovely. I don't have that much time to garden, but I love looking at other people's. My mom grows absolutely beautiful flowers!


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