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9 May, 2020

Looking out my window the huge pine is being blown all about by the wind. Large wet snow flakes are falling...there aren’t very many of them and they are not sticking to the ground. I think they will turn to rain soon. Still though...9 May and there is snow! 

I am thinking of how happy I will be when we can all get back to work again. 

I am thankful that my family has remained healthy during this crisis.

One of my favorite things is warm sunny weather on Mother’s Day. 
I love getting out of doors to work in the garden. 
Not this year!

I am creating a back yard garden. My mum lives in the first floor apartment and my husband and I live in the second floor apartment. The back yard is shared and my mum and I have been planning the garden and doing some planting. 

I am wearing my pajamas right now but soon I will be wearing this. 
With a hooded sweatshirt.

I am reading a book called, Wilding, returning nature to our farm. By Isabella Tree.

I am hoping that next week the weather will finally turn and we will be able to get outside in our gardens and do some social distance walking in our neighborhoods. 

I am learning to live a life that walks with love. 
It’s a continual practice. Just when I think I have it down....
There’s something new I need to learn or un-learn. 

In my kitchen there was jammy-toast and tea in the wee hours of the morning.
I couldn’t sleep last night and finally gave it all up at about 2:30. 
I did end up back in the bed after about an hour or so and slept till just about 6:30.

In my garden I’ve planted herbs...
I hope this terrible weather doesn’t kill what we do have blooming. 
The daffodils should be fine but I’m not sure how the Peonies will do.

Shared Quote
A bunch of violets without their roots
And sorrel intermixed
Encircled by a wisp of straw
Once coiled about their shoots
The law 
By which I’m fixed

-I am a Parcel of Vain Strivings  Henry David Thoreau

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  1. They are so cute. Ventured further in your post and found you link to that site. Very nice. Have a great day.


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Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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