Family Friday

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The mornings have been getting warm enough to walk down to the harbour with a cup of coffee

and watch the sunrise. The dock is in at the town landing.

It was so calm and peaceful. 

The Alliums that we planted in the Autumn have grown almost 4 feet tall!

I’m just 5 feet so that’s almost as tall as I am. 

They’re so pretty against the garden wall!

Even though we couldn’t gather anyplace to honor Memorial Day the houses in town were all decked 

out to honor those who have fallen fighting for the freedoms we hold so dear.

We shared the first salad with lettuce greens from my garden!


I haven’t had a pedicure yet but I did get new garden shoes!

My mum and I drove quite a ways to a garden center where she wanted to buy a rose bush

and she bought me a new pair of garden shoes.

It will be nice to have something I can slip on and off at the door.

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  1. I love getting outside in the morning with my coffee.....for me it isn't a dock unless we are at the cottage we rent in the adkirondacks during the summer but it's my deck where i can smell the lilacs and watch our baby bunny that lives under the huge pine tree. I love morning coffee outdoors.

    How nice of your mom to gift you with the bright garden shoes!!

    Those are tall flowers!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. The garden shoes are so cute! The dock at sunrise sounds so peaceful. Wow, the Alliums are tall!

  3. That is a beautiful, peaceful view in the first picture. Love the tall purple flowers. A neighbor down the road planted those. I wish I had a flower bed in full sun for those kinds of flowers but most of mine are quite shaded. Fun garden shoes.

  4. My neighbor has allium and is giving me some for my sun garden. Fingers crossed they'll take. They look so whimsical. Beautiful shot of the harbor.

  5. Your town harbor is so peaceful in the morning. I'd be down there with my coffee, too.
    Aren't garden a great place to retreat to, enjoy and putter around in? Love the allium!
    Have a good week!


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