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The good

My brother and sister-in-law brought a birthday basket filled with goodies to my house on my birthday.  Of course, we stayed 6 feet apart but it was a lovely way to start my birthday.

The random

My husband and I went for a walk one afternoon and on the way back home I noticed that our house looked pretty with the neighbor’s forsythia in the foreground. 

The fun

My best friend Sue and her husband drove about an hour’s distance to drop off a birthday package for me! She called me and said to come out onto my porch and their they were! It was such a sweet surprise. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. 

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  1. Every year I wait for the blooming of the forsythia as a sign that spring is here.
    Still waiting, but grateful for the sight of YOURS!

  2. oh the pinks and the yellows do my soul good this morning. isn't it gorgeous out?


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