Family Friday

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I was out in the back garden and heard quite a ruckus.

When I looked beneath the trees I noticed 4 male cardinals on the lower branches!

I had seen a female about 10 minutes earlier and I suspect the males were looking 

for someone to nest with. 

She had quite the array of suiters!

We had a few nice days after weeks of rain and grey skies.

It was pleasant to be able to spend the afternoon in the back garden planting pansies.

I even brought my phone out there for my work meeting one afternoon. 

On Wednesday I went to my daughter’s house. A trip that normally takes about an hour in the car

only took about 30 minutes because there was no traffic.

We stayed outside and we stayed 6 feet away from one another.

He was so happy to see me and to show me the garden they are creating.

They have teepees made for peas and beans to climb up and he is very excited about that.

There was only one time when he ran toward me for a hug. I had to side step a little bit but he’s old

enough to understand that we couldn’t touch.

The folks next door to Verne’s house have three horses.

This one’s name is Hannah, which we think is quite a coincidence because

that is also my older daughter’s name.

So, Verne and I couldn’t hug each other but we could hug a tree together!

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Friday fave fives


  1. What a sweet list of faves! Your grandson is adorable and getting tall!!
    I'll have to show my oldest girl the horse pic. She did equestrian sports from age 7-14! She's a horse lover and misses riding, it's so expensive around here though.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Aww nice to be hugging the same tree. I think my Grandsons are just too young to understand and I think visiting them would be more confusing and upsetting so we're coping with Facetime and sending each other videos or messages. Happy Easter.

  3. It's tough to be a grandparent these days, isn't it? 2 of my grandsons live 30 minutes away. We haven't seen them in weeks. On Easter, we will bring them their Easter baskets but stay in the car while they open the little gifts we bought them. I can't wait until you and I can give our grandchildren a big hug again!

  4. How nice that you were able to have a visit even though you didn't get to hug. Looks like it was a lovely day.

  5. How neat to hug a tree together when you can't hug each other! We've had a couple of those distanced visits with our grandson, too. How neat to have horses so near by!


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