Family Friday

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Last Friday night my mum, my husband, and I met up (via video) with my daughter, who lives about 45 minutes away for a virtual cocktail party. It was great fun and we will probably be doing it again this weekend if it gets warm enough to go outside. 

Monday I went out to the plant nursery to pick up some pansies for the window box on my landing.

I also got some for the planters on the front step.

We really need some cheering up and it’s nice for the people walking to have some spring to see.

My sister-in-law and I went for a walk one day with their dog, Sadie.

Many of the homes along the way have pansies and spring decorations up.

It is very hopeful to see and reminded us that we shall overcome.

My son-in-law was able to get their garden tilled and the children were big helpers.

He shared these pictures as we are all staying home.

I celebrated my 57th birthday this week!

It started out rather bleak as we are all so far apart but I was determined to make the best of things.

Mid-morning my brother and sister-in-law came by to drop off a beautiful birthday basket filled with all kinds of lovely things including chocolate and a pretty plant.
Mid-afternoon Joe and I went for a walk to the market and bought a cake and some ice cream.
Early evening my mum (who lives just downstairs from us) and Joe and I ordered Chinese take-away and we had a social distance dinner party in the stairway.
And then, at about 8:00 my good friend called to say come out to your front porch...
she and her husband had driven from about an hour away to wish me a happy birthday with some flowers, a small cake and a little gift! We chatted for a bit in the driveway and blew each other kisses and off they went back home.

It absolutely made my year!!

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If you would like to join my Family Friday meme below please do.
I know many of us aren’t seeing much of our families these days.
Perhaps we could add a post of something your doing at home with your family
or a post that includes something your friends and or family have done “together”
during the quarantine.

Friday fave fives


  1. Happy birthday!! It will surely be one to remember!!
    The photos of the spring blooms are lovely and such a blessing to see color and life!
    The grandchildren are getting so big!
    Do you have to prepare preschool lessons from,home like I do? I've actually been able to go in since that's where all the materials are, we are considered essential workers by the NYS Ed Dept. ( Special Education preK)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Sounds like the Birthday truly ended up a blessing in this weird time. Happy Birthday. One thing that I ended up gifting myself at Christmas was a new phone, which ended up a blessing because I can Face Time with my kids and grandbabies and sisters. Not sure my old phone would do that. Have a happy week.


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