Family dinner


As a mother and grandmother...and as a toddler teacher...

I had some thoughts on family dinners.

I know this is something that many families are unaccustomed to.

It’s a “new normal” for some. And it’s not easy.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

Include everyone in the process and preparation.
*Pick flowers or place a store bought bouquet on the table
*help with setting the table
*help with preparing the meal-even a picky child will eat broccoli if they cooked it.
*light a candle at the table-when the quarantine is over we will go back to our busy lives so make these times special and sacred.

*sing a short song, say a blessing or thank those who helped to make the meal before you begin to eat. Join hands, hold hands around the table, or just put your hands on your’s connecting to have everyone doing the same thing and it helps to prevent spilled milk.
*Set a time limit. Adults and older children may want to linger but younger children will get fidgety.
*Engage everyone in conversation. We play Highs and Lows. Everyone says one high and one low of their day.
*When you reach whatever time limit you’ve set sing a short song or say a short poem, choose a person to blow out the candle, and excuse the folks who want to leave. 
*Establish a rhythm. Children (and adults) are more comfortable when they know what is expected of them.
Bob Appetit!


  1. Lovely photos and I am glad you are well... I wanted to say that I started Nature Notes meme gain..Michelle

  2. I like your idea of playing 'highs and lows' as a way to engage everyone at the dinner table. It's a great place to start and who knows where the conversation goes from there.

    Lovely post, thank you!
    Brenda xox


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