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A mourning dove


We’ve had this sweet little visitor to our window box.
She spent most of the afternoon with us yesterday! Perhaps she was looking for a place to lay her eggs. She wasn’t frightened of us in the least. We stood at the door looking right at her and she never flew away. Perhaps she was looking for a bit of lunch. Perhaps she was wondering where we’ve been and if we will be getting back to “normal” anytime soon.  She was there for hours and hours and when I checked after dark she had left.

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Little things Thursday

The picnic


Apples and cheeses on a red blanket in the side garden. And though we could not exchange real kisses We cheerfully gobbled up the chocolate kind.

Stolen sweets are always sweeter Stolen kisses much completer Stolen looks are nice in chapels Stolen, stolen be your apples

I do wish that you are able to get out of doors even for a little bit.
At least once or twice a day...even if you never leave your yard.

~ ~ ~

Encouraging hearts at home
Thinking out loud

Keeping the home fires burning


Quite the cheery purple rock greeting those who walk in Crocker park. If you haven’t had a friend to greet you in a while Here is a happy little hello to you. 

Walking along the streets that line the harbour  Beautiful flowers in containers on the neighborhood walkways
Perhaps they are planted to cheer the passers by  Spring is ever so slow in coming this year and we are all so far away from our loved ones. 

Some little fellow has left The Incredibles to help us remember that we are all super-heroes! Following somewhat unclear orders to keep one another safe. 

I wish you cheer and happiness in your homes and neighborhoods as we withstand this virus together.
Come summer we will all be dancing in the streets and gathered close once again. 

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Pictorial Tuesday
Our world Tuesday
Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday
My corner of the world

Puddle stomping rain boots


The fun is walking to the market in the rain!
We hadn’t been out of doors all day and my husband and I were getting a bit cabin bound in our tiny flat. So..we donned our rain gear and walked around the corner to buy some salmon and asparagus for dinner. I had forgotten how fun it was to step in puddles with boots on.  And, dinner was delicious!

I went for a picnic in the yard with my grandchildren on Saturday. It was the one nice day sandwiched between lots of cold and rainy days. 
The good.
The random...
I bought an iPhone 11pro.... Strictly for the camera. 

I love iPhone and I’m not an Android fan but I’ve always wished that iPhone had a better camera.  Now they do! The picture above isn’t edited at all. It’s right out of the iPhone 11pro camera! And, the picture of my granddaughter is right out of the camera as well.  It has a telephoto lens as well as a wide lens.
I’m so happy I have it.

The good, the random, the fun


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Do not be deceived: God is not mocked.
For whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Galatians 6:7
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Sunday scripture blessings

Scripture and a snapshot


For Today

Looking out my window I can see the golden dome of Old North church behind the still bare branches of the trees in my neighborhood. Every evening at 6:00 the bells ring for 5 minutes to remind us during this time of quarantine that we are not alone. This week the other churches have joined as well. Even in the cold weather we throw open the doors and windows to hear the joyous sound.
I am thinking of my uncle Jack and the Bible verse that my cousin, Neil read at his graveside service last week. 2 Timothy 4...I have have fought the good fight...
I am thankful that the verse was included in the notes of my bible study this morning. The Bible study verses spoke of measuring our walks to match Jesus, not to fall behind in our faith and not to run ahead with impatience. For some reason remembering the 2 Timothy verse and my Uncle Jack’s life, which was filled with his faith, brought Jesus right to my heart this morning.

One of my favorite things is …

Family Friday


Sunday my brother and sister-in-law came over and we sat in the back yard with my sister.
My sister is staying at my mum’s for a few days while she gets a medical treatment.
We ordered fried clams and lobster rolls from a local restaurant and walked around the corner to pick it all up. Then we sat outside and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together.
~ ~ ~

Joe and I went for a bit of a walk one sunny morning.
The forsythia is in riotous full bloom along the old stone walls in the fields.
It’s so pretty. 
~ ~ ~

My brother-in-law drove my sister here for her treatments
which gave us a chance to celebrate his birthday a little early.

Some of the children have begun hanging signs up in their windows.

It’s cheery to see as I walk to the market.

My church is open for private prayer and reflection.
No services are being held but the doors are open to sit individually and pray.
It’s such a beautiful old church I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few pictures.

~ ~ ~


Hanging around town


Here are a few signs from the little seaside village where I live.
We are all looking forward to when it is safe enough to go out shopping again.
Until then, we stay safe inside and try to support our local businesses. 

Even the children have gotten involved by hanging signs in their windows for passers by to see.

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Little things Thursday

Family dinner


As a mother and grandmother...and as a toddler teacher...

I had some thoughts on family dinners.

I know this is something that many families are unaccustomed to.

It’s a “new normal” for some. And it’s not easy.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

Include everyone in the process and preparation.
*Pick flowers or place a store bought bouquet on the table
*help with setting the table
*help with preparing the meal-even a picky child will eat broccoli if they cooked it.
*light a candle at the table-when the quarantine is over we will go back to our busy lives so make these times special and sacred.

*sing a short song, say a blessing or thank those who helped to make the meal before you begin to eat. Join hands, hold hands around the table, or just put your hands on your’s connecting to have everyone doing the same thing and it helps to prevent spilled milk.
*Set a time limit. Adults and older children may want to linger but younger children will get fidgety.

For Cynthia


Here in New England the forsythia is in full and riotous bloom!
It looks so pretty gracefully arching over the old stone walls. 
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Pictorial Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday

In the back garden

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The forsythia are in riotous bloom.
The neighbors have a bush in their driveway.
I noticed how pretty our home looked as I walked home from the market
so I stopped to take a photograph.

Here in New England the weather is still rather chilly, however we have had a few
days warm enough to be in the back garden and enjoy the sunshine.

I have started a small herb garden in an old raised bed. 
It’s still too early in the season for planting many things but I have 
a few cold hardy herbs and some lettuces.
I am ever so anxious to start planting more but will have to wait another month or so till the danger of 
last frost is over. 
It seems as if there may be people starting gardens this year that have never gardened before.
It is an excellent activity to do with families right at home. 

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Make it pretty Monday

Cuppan tae


The good is an afternoon tea time.
Working from home has allowed me to set aside time for tea mid-afternoon.
It’s peaceful and certainly traffic, no place to be....
The fun was celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday.

The random is driving to Connecticut for my uncle’s funeral services.

~ ~ ~

*all of the things that we did were done responsibly and in keeping with the Covid-19 restrictions. 
The good, the random, the fun

Uncle Jack

I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that Day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing. 
2 Timothy 4:7-8

Rest In Peace Uncle Jack
~ ~ ~
Sunday scripture blessings
Scripture and a snapshot

Family Friday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday I walked to church. 
There are no services being held but the doors are open for anyone who wants to come in for quiet, individual, reflective prayer. 

My mum, my husband, and I were together for Easter dinner. We made a small lamb, potatoes, and asparagus. We also had some strawberry shortcake for dessert.  We missed the rest of our family and friends. 

The garden center in town was open and I took a ride over on Saturday.

 I picked up some herbs and some lettuces.

It was wonderful to be digging in the dirt while the sun shined! I began work on a small herb garden.

There is still quite a bit more work to be done but it’s too early in the season to plant anything else.

I’ve been trying to be a little more creative with all this extra time on my hands. 
I have my coloured pens and pencils out.

I can see the white and yellow pansies from my living room window. 
They are in a wooden window box that is situated on a railing just outside my back door.
They are so c…

In the still


Stillness  Silence Solitude
Like a warm, heavy blanket At once comforting and confining.
The quietude of very little traffic..vehicles, airplanes, even people walking
Very little noise from our neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, countries, continents....
It’s as if the entire world has exhaled....
And we are all just waiting for the word 
That it’s okay to breath in once again.
~ ~ ~
N. Scott Monaday is a Pulitzer Prize winning Kiowa poet and novelist.  He speaks of silence in the oral storytelling tradition as a dance of sorts.  Silence can say more than words or at least have more meaning than words. Silence doesn’t necessarily have to compliment noise but can be it’s own entity  Or’s just just is. 

Now I can hear my cat lapping water out of his bowl and birds singing out of doors.
Later, when the threat of virus has passed us by I won’t hear him drinking or notice when he has had enough  And steps with his little cat paws acr…

A day book

For Today:
16 April
Looking out my window: I’ve just glanced up to see snow’s quite discouraging. I planted herbs and lettuces and I am hoping that the cold will not kill them. 
I am thinking: About my Uncle who passed away last night. He was 90 and had been sick for some time. He was home surrounded by his family and hospice helpers. I feel terribly for my aunt who has been married to him for over 65 years.
He was in the navy during WWII.
I am thankful: That even though we are not able to be together because of the Corona virus my loved ones are safe in their homes. 
One of my favorite things: My son-in-law who is celebrating his birthday today!
I am creating: A charmed life. 
I am wearing: I am still in my pajamas. I’ve thrown on a hoodie because it’s chilly.
I am reading: My daughter, Hannah, and I are both reading The God of Small Things  By Arundhati Roy
I am hoping: That this unexpected snowfall will stop, the sun will come out…

A horse named Hannah

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hannah is one of the horses that lives next door to my daughter’s house.
The corral is right on the property line just on the other side of an old rock wall.
She was practicing social distancing.
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Little things Thursday

Is there anybody out there

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The good

On Wednesday I jumped into the car and went to my daughter’s to have a socially distant

Visit with my grandchildren.

We stayed out of doors and at least 6 feet apart at all times!

Abigail was having a nap which was good because it would have been difficult to keep my hands off

of her. Verne and I had a lovely visit!

Every time I tell him I love him and he says, “I love you, Hopie” back to me

I get that Sally Fields feeling...he loves me! He really loves me!

The random

My mum and I walked down to the harbour the other day.

It’s been either raining or very cold here so we took advantage of the two nice days.

The fun

I did a little gardening on Saturday. Though it’s still too early to plant very much around here I was able to start the herb garden. In a few more weeks I am hoping it will warm up enough to do a little more planting.
~ ~ ~

The good, the random, the fun