A diary of home

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As we move into this second week of social distancing

I find a certain calmness in myself

Which is in contrast to all that goes on around me.

Death is a forgone conclusion for us all and very few will have much say how or when it occurs.

We do however, have some control over how we choose to live.

My desk is in the conservatory.

Joe’s guitars are in there as well.

Naturally,  there is a selection of houseplants too.

It is also in the conservatory where I have been practicing daily meditation.

It keeps me clear headed and pure hearted...if there are such things.

It keeps me connected to a God that cares little for what I call him

Or where I worship him.

Please tuck in tight my friends.

I pray for your safety and your health and for that of your loved ones.

For the safety and health of the world.

I pray that when this terrible virus has finally passed us over

We can come out into the sunshine of a new morning

And begin to rebuild a new world

With the peace and love that surpasses all understanding.

Home and garden Thursday


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