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Walking wild

Looking out from the back door 
The big pine and the yellow tree from the neighbors house
 birches from across the way Thick fog and fine mist settling over all~ ~ ~Pictorial TuesdayOur world Tuesday
Nature notesImage-in-ingMy corner of the world

Happy new desk day

The good
I work at a Montessori school which goes from infants to  8th grade. Our outdoor classrooms are looking absolutely beautiful these days. ~The fun
Carving Jack-O-Lanterns is one of my favourite things to do.In years past I’ve had neighborhood parties with chili and cookies. Everyone brings a pumpkin to carve!This I carved by myself. I even made my own molasses cookies.~The random
I walked around the corner to pick up a few things at the market of an afternoon and stumbled into an old friend having a yard sale.  I picked up this sweet little table/desk! I’d been looking for the perfect desk for a few months and I knew if I waited long enough one would show up!The good, the random, the fun

A rhythm of home

The chrysanthemums at the front door have blossomed. They are a rich magenta with a bright yellow center. They are quite cheery for the folks who  walk past our house with their dogs or on the way to the market, or one of the restaurants on the harbor just down the way. 

It has been quite foggy and grey around here lately. On Thursday morning the sun came up over the harbour and into the bedroom window.
It’s warm enough still to have the window open, even at night. I love waking to the cool, fresh air.
Here and there I’ve set a pumpkin around the house.

I am quite simple with seasonal decorating. 
In our rather small home a single small pumpkin sitting on a stack of old books  makes more of a statement than a larger display. 

Monday: roasted butternut squash soup Tuesday: Salisbury steak, peas, egg noodles Wednesday: homemade pizza Thursday: beef stew in the crock-pot Friday: roasted spaghetti squash with sausage and tomato sauce Saturday: pumpkin chili, molasses cookies Sunday: apple cider braised …


tSaying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom,And thanksgiving, and honour and power, and might,Be unto our God forever and ever.Amen.Revelation 7:12~ ~ ~

Sunday scripture blessingsScripture and a snapshot
Purposeful FaithAnchored truth TuesdayHeart encouragement
Grace and truth
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23 October

I spent most of Saturday rearranging the bedroom. Joe had to work crazy hours so as soon as he left I got to work. He didn’t get home till about midnight (he had to work overtime) and was a bit confused when he came to bed. I’m so thankful that he’s such a great sport though, he just went with it. “It looks great, honey!” He said minutes before he started snoring.
My mum treated me to dinner on Saturday evening. We walked around the corner to a little restaurant on the harbour. She moved here when I was not quite two years old....which was a very long time ago, but we never tire of this beautiful view. It’s just so pretty. I’m so thankful that I live here and that my mum is still around to share a lovely evening with. 
It may seem rather ordinary to most folks but a pumpkin placed just so brings me so much joy.
I haven’t made this butter pecan banana cake in about 10 years but I stumbled across the recipe a few weeks ago and made it again. It didn’t disappoint. 
I am so very thankful for …

All shall be well

I am just past 57 and a half years old and heading into 60 at a fairly steady clip.Remember when “a half” was something you really counted? I am thankful for my health. I am thankful that I am a person of faith.I am thankful for my belief that I am just a  sojourner here.When I see people so upset over what is happening in our country and in the worldI wonder if they are people of faith. Though there are certainly very good reasons to be upset I will not give up my heart to that mentality. ~Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a right spirit within me.Is my prayer at the beginning of every day and“Thank you for the gift of this day and these people.If I have offended please show me how to make amends.”Is my prayer at end of day. ~ ~ ~Thankful Thursday

Walking wild

At the Montessori school where I teach we created an on campus “field trip” for the children.Hundreds of pumpkins were put out by the admin. Team and each class or cohort (COVID) came out individually. Each child got to pick a pumpkin and have an apple and a cup of apple cider.It was so much fun!There are already ideas in the works for how we can have another on campus “field trip” in the winter.Snowmen and hot chocolate perhaps?
It isn’t always how far you go to enjoy the outside natural world.Sometimes you just have to step out of your own back door and notice the beauty that surrounds you. ~ ~ ~Image-in-ingOur world TuesdayPictorial Tuesday
Nature notesMy corner of the worldCommunity global

The story of home

I spent most of Saturday morning rearranging the bedroom. I moved the bed from the center of the room to a corner and it creates so much more space. It even seems lighter and sunnier though that has not changed. 

You may remember that we downsized to a small apartment last year.
My 85 year old mum sold her house and moved into the first floor and my husband and I moved into the second floor just above her. It’s been a comfort to her to have us just upstairs. It has also been a comfort to myself and my sister and brother knowing that if she falls or needs anything we are right here.  She has always had a flair for decorating. Her house is pretty and welcoming without being too pretentious or stuffy or just well...over decorated. 
Many years ago, when my daughters were still teenagers a woman whose daughters were adults told me that when they were younger they would argue and bicker with her over every little thing. She thought they would never want to do anything like her. Now she goes to t…

Pumpkins are everywhere

The good

I made a butter pecan banana cake over the weekend.I’ve been going through an old book of recipes I’ve saved over the years and testing out the ones I want to keep and the ones I want to throw away. So far they’ve all been pretty good. 
The fun
At the Montessori school where I work we had an on campus “field trip” to the pumpkin patch.The admin team set pumpkins out in the field and each class or cohort went out individually to pick a pumpkin and have an apple and an apple cider. I work with toddlers and they were very excited (if a little distracted) because they don’t normally get included on field trips. It was really fun!The random
I spent most of Saturday morning rearranging my bedroom. There is so much more space now and even feels lighter. The good, the fun, the random


Gracious words are like a honeycombSweetness to the soul and health to the body.Proverbs 16:24~ ~ ~Sunday scripture blessingsScripture and a snapshotPurposeful faithAnchored truth Tuesday Heart encouragement
Grace and truth

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Song for a Saturday

Mist in the morning, raw and nippy,Leaves on the pavement, wet and slippy.Sun on fire behind the trees,Muddy boots, muddy knees.Shop windows, lighted early,Smoking grass, dewy, pearly.Red, lemon, orange and brown,Silently, softly the leaves float downShirley HughesOut and About~ ~ ~

When my daughters were quite young we walked to the library at east three times a week. It was important to me that they have a love of books.This book, Out and About, was one of their very favourites. It’s a collection of seasonal poems, really. With beautiful illustrations. I still have it at home and read it to my grandchildren when they visit. Poetry is something that has sort of gone out of style. I am willing to risk sounding “old” when I say that I think it’s rather a shame. It takes a bit of emotional intelligence to read a poem and that is something we need more of these days. 

Birthday boy

On Saturday my town held the 2nd annual indigenous people’s day.Members of the Wampanoag Nation singers and dancers came and taught a small gathering of people a number of dances. There were quite a few children in attendance and it was enlightening to hear the questions they asked. There were also a small amount of vendors and though we all practiced social distancing I was able to purchase a beautiful hand-beaded necklace when it was my turn.The weather was beautiful, everyone was masked, it was a wonderful time!
I love the Autumn and October is my very favourite month.

These leaves reminded me of ballerinas dancing in the Autumn breeze.
And these of a flamenco dancers twirling skirts.

Monday was my grandson’s fourth birthday. 
She had a special birthday dinner for him and he was happy to spend time with family.

Bonnie made the cake...just in case you didn’t notice that it was homemade. 
Verne’s 4, Abigail will be 2 in December, and Bonnie is expecting a third in January. 
She’s a tired ma…


What is it about pumpkins that brings us so much joy?
Calling it a squash could never do it justice.
But when one mentions the word pumpkin it brings forth all kinds of imaginative delights.
So whether you stew it, purée it, chunk it, curry it, or put it in a pie...
Happy pumpkin day
And remember, every little thing is gonna be okay my little pumpkins.
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Charming homes and gardensTablescape Thursday

Reflections of a pink sky


12 October

The good
On Saturday my town celebrated indigenous peoples.The Wampanoag Nation singers and dancers came to teach the gathered crowd some of their dances. The children in attendance asked some very good questions as well.On the same day in Boston there was a larger gathering trying to get the Massachusetts government to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day. At this time, I believe, there are 14 states that have made this change.~The fun

Today is my grandson’s fourth birthday!I could never have imagined the crazy love my heart holds for that boy!~The random
I thought these leaves, that were twirling in the Autumn breeze when I took this picture, looked like the skirts of a Flamenco dancer.So pretty in all the glorious October sunshine.
The good, the fun, the random


t You are the light of the worldA city set on a hill cannot be hidden.Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket,but on a stand and it gives light to all in the house. 
In the same way, let your light shine before others,so that they may see your good worksand give glory to your Father who is in heaven.Matthew 5:15-16~ ~ ~Sunday scripture blessings
Scripture and a snapshot
Purposeful Faith
Anchored truth Tuesday
Tell his story

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O hushed October

O hushed October morning mild,Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,Should waste them all.The crows above the forest call;Tomorrow they may form and go.O hushed October morning mild,Begin the hours of this day slow,Make the day seem to us less brief.Hearts not adverse to being beguiled,Beguile us in the way you know;Release one leaf at break of day;At noon release another leaf;One from our trees one far away;Retard the sun with gentle mist;Enchant the land with amethyst.

Excerpt from October by Robert Frost
Absolutely my very favourite month of the year
It’s  no wonder that there are so many New England poets have written so much about October.

Gleaning in fields of grace

HomeI am ever-thankful for my home where I live with my husband and our cat Tucker.Last summer my mum sold her house and moved into the first floor apartment.Stairs are a bit much for her now. She will be 86 in December.Joe and I moved into the second floor apartment at the same time.It’s comforting for us all to be so close together and still have our own privacy.
Thankful Thursday

Friends and family Friday

Joe and I had to drive to Berkshires (a 3 hour way!) on what turned about to be a fool’s errand.However, we made a day of it. The foliage was beautiful and we drove into Stockbridge which is where Norman Rockwell once lived and where Alice’s Restaurant, from the song of the same name by Arlo Guthrie was located. Also...the song, Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor with the lyrics:The first of December was covered with snowAnd so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston...So we stopped in front of the Welcome to sign to get some pictures and then we drove the turnpike to Boston

The leaves are changing here. Even the ground looks pretty.This year because we’ve had such a small amount of rain the colours are somewhat mutedBut they still look pretty to me. 

At the school where I work there is a wonderful and huge old Beech tree in the middle of the toddler’s playground.It has at least five major trunks and a spot in the middle of them for a child to stand and look up as if they …

Walking wild

At the school where I work there is a giant old Beech tree.It stands in the toddlers playground and they are as much surrounded by it’s joy as it as by their’s.They use the seeds and spiny burs in the mud kitchen, they climb up into the large space between the 5 major trunks, they search for bugs and other curious things in it’s moss covered roots.They love to run around it in a wide’s so large that if you are standing on one side you cannot see who might be standing on the other side!When they are all going around the tree and filled with laughter I sometimes think of that old Donovan song, Happiness Runs in a Circular MotionThought is like little boat upon the seaEverybody is a part of everything anywayYou can have everything if you let yourself beWhy? Because...Happiness runs, happiness runs,Happiness runs, happiness runsHappiness runs, happiness runs....Pictorial TuesdayOur world TuesdayImage-in-ingNature notesMy corner of the world
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A rhythm of home

Morning sunlight Welcome in
When I was a young woman and was raising a family in a house that we had just bought, my mum gave me this piece of advice about homemaking that I’ve never forgotten. First she said, “Live in a home that has plenty of natural light and cover it up as little as possible.”Then she said, “Pay attention to the first thing you see when you open the door into your home. It should be something pleasant.” 

We live in a quite small apartment on the second floor just above the quite small apartment where my 85 year old mother lives on the first floor. We have one window in the living room and a windowed door which leads into the back garden. Our home faces east and the window is at the front of the house. The harbour is just at the bottom of the narrow, winding lane and when the sun rises over the Atlantic it gleams in through the window and slowly fills the room with a faerie-land of natural light.One of my very favourite things is to glance up from my morning tea to …