The big move

These mark the end of our time here on this rather tiny sort of an island. 

At the end of June we will move back to our home town which is just a few towns over. 

The good

We will be renting a small flat on the second floor in old town Marblehead 

and my my mum will be just beneath us on the first floor. 

The fun

It’s quite a bit of work and Tucker has been doing his part to help out.

The random

Oh my!

Don’t even get me started on the random.

We can’t find anything and there’s still 11 days to go till we move.


  1. Moving is no fun, but your mom will be close to you, and that's nice.

    Enjoy the Summer days. It's getting hot here, and just trying to stay cool.


  2. Love your whale weathervane!

  3. I'm feeling all the feels for you about this transition! Change, even good change, is hard! God bless you and may His presence be near and may He fill you with His peace during this time.

  4. Best to you always in your new home. :)


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